Can we get bigger pictures?


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Dec 31, 2010
Hi there,

I find that charts in the articles are a bit blurry and it is sometimes a bit hard to read text. Maybe using PNG files instead of JPEG would increase readability.

It would also be great to be able to click on pictures and get them bigger with a nicer resolution, again to improve readibility. I sometimes needs to zoom the whole web page at 200% to read text.

This, I can read clearly at 100% zoom :

But I struggle a bit with this one by example, I have to zoom the page or get closer to my screen to read all the SKUs. Again, the jpg format doesn't help I think :

And I would love to click on this type of hardware shots to get a nicer picture with a bigger resolution.

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Dec 21, 2010
We can look into that. It is something we had previously on STH. We even had attachment pages with those images which got to be a mess. We did away with a lot of that for a few back-end needs. You may be right that it is time to bring them back.

One of the hard bits is displaying enough versus too much data. I was probably guilty of adding too much here. My thinking was basically:
  • All EPYC 7x02P SKUs
  • Select EPYC 7x01P SKUs
  • Price/ performance competitive Intel Xeons
  • Add 1-3 other results that may be interesting from consolidation or generational standpoint.
The original charts, for example, had the EPYC 7742 in them along with a few more dual-socket results. I pulled those out this morning to get the number of data points presented down and help with the chart scaling.