Broke my new Ironwolf 10TB's sata port during installation


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Jun 25, 2020
As mentioned in the title, I messed up and broke my brand new Seagate Ironwolf 10TB sata port during installation.
I blame cable management but in the end, I'm the one who did that as well so I can only blame myself. :)

I originally posted this on LTT forums a few weeks ago and I figured I'd check here as well if there's anyone who might have experienced the same problem and knows how to fix it or if someone knows what PCB controllers might be compatible. As discussed on LTT forums, I'm fairly certain a replacement PCB will have to be from an Ironwolf 10TB. Mine's a pro but I assume the PCB controller is the same whether it's a pro or not.

If you have a PCB controller for sale, I'm definitely interested (as long as it's compatible).

Here's the post I made on LTT forums if you don't want to visit the link above:

So I was about to upgrade my home server setup with 3 new 10TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro (ST10000NE0008).

I neatly installed them into the disk bay along with some cable management. I then remembered I had to write down the serial numbers of each disk... ironically in case of warranty claim or data rescue.

So I lifted up the disk bay and I guess the cable management was a bit too tight so the sata cable ripped out the port on the disk.

Too bad the warranty doesn’t cover stupidity.
I have however reached out to Seagate to see if they can do some goodwill or if they can at least sell me a pcb controller.

If anyone has a broken Ironwolf 10TB but a functioning pcb please let me know if it is for sale!

Also, if you know a bit more about these disks, advice on compatible pcb controllers would be much appreciated!



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May 17, 2019
You don't need to replace the whole controller board. Just replace the connector itself and that's it.

You can get a used replacement connector from old SATA controller PCB board. Otherwise, it could be possible to buy a brand new from electronics shop like Digikey, Mouser or eBay. I'd try some surplus or used computer electronics shop first to dig into piles of old controllers to find the best matching connector.

Also you'll need to find someone with decent soldering skills to cut this damaged connector pin-by-pin, remove remaining pins one by one with soldering iron and finally solder a new connector to PCB.


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Jun 25, 2020
So the SATA adapter I ordered arrived and I had planned to attempt repairing the disk the coming weekend.
2 days later I get a reply back from Seagate on my warranty claim where they offered me a one-time replacement disk as good will.

Took one week to both send back the broken disk and get a new one.

Thanks Seagate support, appreciate it!


Oct 14, 2017
thats really nice of Seagate. I broke a power supply sata connector while trying to pack everything into a 2U case. Good to know there are options to fix the connector.


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Feb 15, 2017
I did that once, I just JBWelded the sata cable into place. It's held up for over 10 years.