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Bjorn Smith

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Sep 3, 2019
Thanks for the explanation - and I am happy that you interpreted my writings as they were intended.

I live in a country with deep socialist roots :) So not giving everyone the same service if they pay the same is something I have a hard time believing in. I know this is probably a naive thinking, but I want to believe that everyone gets treated the same if they provide the same funds for something. I know its not true, but I still hope it is the case mostly everywhere.

So I hope your thinking about how they operate is just a wrong guess, but I also know that everyone that tries to operate a business tries to optimize costs and if you can get away with providing exactly what you stated and nothing more even though people "expect" more then you make more money.

But yes I am happy it seems to have resolved my issues and I hope everyone else having similar issues as I do is not required to go through weeks of mail correspondance and just get the "help" that is needed.