Avoid Memorylabs (eBay)


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Jul 21, 2016
Not 100% sure this fits here, but I wish I had known about this seller before I paid them. Ordered 6x 3TB "New and unused" HGST drives from memorylabs.

  • All items are guaranteed to be in New and Unused condition unless stated otherwise.
Upon plugging them into my server, 4 of the 6 drives are reading ~20K+ hours. At first, I had assumed the seller mixed up the drives, but a little research on STH revealed that Goharddrive clears SMART data, but test history reveals thousands of hours on previous tests. So I looked at the test history for the two "new" drives and this is how I discovered these two "new" drives SMART data was tampered with. Digging into their reviews on ebay also reveals another customer complaining about receiving a "new" drive with thousands of hours.

Regardless of the quality of the used drive, I can't abide being sold something as new that's actually used. Just thought I'd let STH members know what they are getting into when dealing with this seller.


Link to STH GoHarddrive thread


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Feb 15, 2015
I would complain to ebay about their misleading sales page, verified false information, point out their other items for sale as well as negatives relating the same thing to ebay. Not only will your case zip through for a refund ebay may actually do something about the seller... at the very least you have valid reason to distrust seller/ebay and ask for a prompt refund before items are returned, etc... Up to you, but if you want to try to push it you could.