Are there any cheap, used, non-blowimatron, 2U, LGA1150 rackmount servers?

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Dec 11, 2017
I have a xeon 1230 v3 and 16GB ram lying around that I would like to put to good use in advancing my datahoarding issues, but I'm not sure how. Maybe you guys have some suggestions?
I wanna go with a Netapp DS4243 or DS4246 for storage and need a server for it - hopefully one that fits the aforementioned parts. I need space to add an HBA and (if possible) 10/40G ethernet adapter into it, and I don't want it to be a complete jet engine.
All I can find in the used market, are either full servers and mostly 1U machines, which might not fit all the hardware and be very, very loud. Also I'm EU based so I guess Futjitsu stuff would be my best bet as it seems to be way more common here, idk? Does anyone have some decent suggestions? Or am I better off ditching that CPU+RAM combo and go LGA2011(v3)?
Also since I'm considering ZFS - do I absolutely need ECC memory?