Another S2600CP4 Ram question


Nov 19, 2015
I've managed to expand 3 of these (single CPU) from 64GB 4*16 PC3-12800R 2Rx4 to 128GB adding 4*16GB PC3-14900E 2Rx4 with mixed results.

Now they are running with different speed on same channel, but 1 of the system gave RAM problem on a RAM stick so that an entire channel do not work, problem fixed running same speed RAM on the channel but different speed between channel (channel A with PC3-12800R and B with PC3-14900R , channel C and D with mixed RAM).

I admit that the ram PC3-14900R that i've got from ebay came with very poor packaging and 2 (over 12) stick have 1 visibly damaged memory chip and gave error at post and not recognized so another stick less than ok is a real possibility...

What's your experience/advice on mixing ram speed on system like this?