Agema AG7448CU- 48X 10GBE - 4X 40GBE QSFP+ Switch $350,00 / DOA Warranty


Feb 7, 2014
They're software defined network switches (SDN Switches). First couple of gens like these are usually Xeon-based systems with an ASIC switching front-end, like Cisco has been doing for years with the 5585X and similar systems. The difference of course is that these are Open Switches that can run a variety of different Network Operating Systems on them. In this case, the switch has ONIE (an abstracted environment for installing an NOS, but does not appear to have an NOS loaded).

These are the future of big datacenters, and it would pay for savvy IT guys to get used to, but if you're a Cisco guy or something like that, there's definitely a learning curve to getting one to do what you want. The difference is that it can do almost anything, limited only by CPU horsepower for things that can't be performed in ASIC.