Addlink S70 NVMe ssd not performing as advertised


Mar 16, 2017
Hi. Anyone of you have experience with Addlink S70 m.2 NVMe ssd? It's advertised as 3500 MBps Read/ 3000 MBps write.

So when my order arrived, I inserted it into my new X10SRM-TF serverboard. But just to see if it really performs as advertised, I installed Windows 10 on it, and ran CrystalDiskMark. Results I got were 1600 range for Read, and 1500 for Write.

I wonder if I'm missing anything? Should I install any Windows 10 driver? I saw none on the website. I don't know if my m/b bios pcie speed is not optimal. But don't know where to look. Can anyone give their thoughts on this?


Saw this on the manual
"The X10SRM-F/-TF motherboard contains one M.2 socket at JMD1. M.2 was formerly Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) and serves to replace mini PCI-E and mSATA. M.2 allows for a variety of card sizes, increased functionality, and spatial efficiency. The M.2 socket on the motherboard supports PCI-E 2.0 x4 SSD (20Gb/s) cards in the 22x42mm, 22x80mm, and 22x110mm form factors. It is important to note that I-SATA0 shares the same SATA signal with the M.2 slot. M.2 has the priority. When M.2 mSATA is in use, I-SATA0 will not work."

20 Gbps is equivalent to 2500 MBps. So I'm still nowhere close to the SSDs advertised performance.
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Oct 26, 2015
You have a PCIe 2.0 slot, not 3.0, so you're never going to get the rated performance. There's also 20% overhead with 8b/10b encoding, so your numbers are about where one would expect them to be (2000MB/s max theoretical).
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