826BE1C-R920LPB UP Fan Shroud Setup


New Member
Nov 27, 2020
Hello All,
I am new to setting up a fan shroud and I was hoping someone here could help. I have a new supermicro MCP-310-29001-0N air shroud for my supermicro 826B case but I was unable to locate some detailed directions (the case manual didn't help) for setting it up with a single processor motherboard (X11SPH). All the directions are for dual processors. Has anyone here set it up with a single processor? I am guessing I just make the shroud as small as I can around the CPU heatsink and try not to cut out too many spots for cords. Is that all I need to do? Also what is the piece of thin plastic wrapped in a loop for? The part number is 05-SC82570-C101. Thank you for your help.