8-controller 8-port USB 3.0 5Gbps Type-C Single PCIe x8 Slot Renesas uPD720202 card- U3X8-PCIE8XE104

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Dec 28, 2017
Found this PCIe 2.0 x8 card:
IOI Technology Corp.
model - U3X8-PCIE8XE104

Octad Channel 8-port USB 3.0 to PCI Express x8 Gen 2 Host Card | U3X8-PCIE8XE104

but it is not sold directly from the manufacturer or anywhere on the interwebs.
(I have contacted them before about another product and, no, they will not ship to the US.)
Is there a STH-er here from Taipei, Taiwan willing to give them a call / visit them?
Perhaps there would be enough interest to do a group buy?

This card would be useful for a USB passthrough for up to 8 VMs while consuming only one PCIe (x8) slot.
It uses the Renesas uPD720202 controller (2-ports but only one implemented on the card (obviously)) which should work with ESXi passthrough (I am currently successfully passing through a Renesas uPD720201 based card (it is the 4-port brother of the 2-port uPD720202))

I hope it is not too expensive - the controllers were priced at $10 per chip at introduction but the PCB implementation looks complicated. For comparison, a popular card used for USB passthrough is the 4-controller HighPoint 1144D which retails for $110. If this card is priced below $180, I think it would be a good deal.


Check out IOI Tech's other products. They have some interesting stuff. The thing that caught my eye was their PCIe expansion (passive) products:

QIP4X-PCIE16XB01 - PCIe x16 bifurcation to FOUR - SFF-8643 36pin (two SFF-8643 72pin)

which you can then connect to their 5.25" bay PCIe enclosures like:

DB525-D8XF0147015 - accepts two PCIe x4 cards (x8 slots), comes with SFF-8643 36pin cables and power cables integrated.

Of course you are going to need some deep 5.25" bays if you want to put long PCIe cards in there.
The whole thing is passive though, so it shouldn't be very expensive.
Useful stuff for HEDT (high end desktop) / HomeLab setup, where you want to plug in many Video/Network/HBA/RAID/USB etc. cards but you have only so many slots.

I wish there was an easy way to buy these products.
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Jan 7, 2018
Ha! Small world... I've been in contact (sorta) with them for a couple weeks. I got a quote on a U3X4-PCIE4XE303 at $150 USD from Olivia. I was interested in this particular board as it advertises full SR-IOV support, which seems impossibly rare on USB cards. All was well and good, and she was willing to ship me one unit to the US, but then our Email conversation kinda fizzled out. The difficult part is in payment, and minimum order size. They basically require Swift payment, which is not easy unless you're familiar with international bank transfers. Luckily, my company knows exactly how to do this. Unfortunately, after a week or so of no replies waiting for their Swift number to make payment, I just E-bay'd a similar product (IOI card as well) and called it a day.

I also liked the...QIP4X-DIP4XD01 kit, and the quote I got on that was $400 USD.

I think they'd make it worthwhile if they just had an Ebay or Amazon store, as their products are unique and reasonably priced.



Sep 25, 2015
The Netherlands
I asked them a year ago about similar products and where I could buy their stuff. Got an answer from Fred Wu, who said I had to fill in a form and Olivia would follow up later. Filled in the form, never had a response. Probably they don't want to sell.

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Feb 18, 2020
Delock have more USB. 3.0 Cards. Sry I was not that right the dont sell it the relabe it and sell it to IT Distributors who sell to customer.