4-Pin (Fan) to Straight SATA 15-Pin Power Cable


Apr 19, 2021
Sacramento, CA, US
It looks like that adapter provides only 12V power. Sata power cables typically provide 12V, 5V, and (sometimes) 3.3V, so if the device you're plugging in needs anything other than 12V, it won't work.

I believe there are some drives out there that are okay with 12V only, though I don't have a handy list of which ones. NVMe drives that have add in card form factors available in addition to their U.2 version are likely candidates, as the PCIe slot does not provide 5V, and a lot of modern power supplies don't provide 3.3V on their sata connectors, so 12V is the safe choice for every form factor (and it usually has the most power available as well).

Very likely Supermicro had a specific drive in mind for that to power, but if you check drive spec sheets, anything that uses 12V only and is low enough power that it won't burn out your motherboard's fan header should be compatible.