3D Printable FusionIO & Mellanox ConnectX2 Full Height Adapters


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Sep 17, 2011
Even if it does get to 80 - if you print it in ABS it will be fine.

As a quick general reference - printed parts will start to get soft/deform at the following temps:

PLA - 40-50C (some PLA's can be annealed, after which they can take 80-100 degree temps)
PETG - 80C
ABS - 100C


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Feb 15, 2017
I have pretty much zero air flow over my card. Benchmarked it for 10 minutes and it reached 67C, which is 7C higher than it idles.
Well, you have more than zero airflow then. I've got 4 sandwiched together and they break 67C no problem. The cards are designed for 300LFM of airflow to stay within operating temp. We put Industrial fpgas on the iodrive 2, so it won't offline itself until about 98C. The older iodrives will offline themselves around 78C.

You also aren't going to get the card hot with reads, it is only sustained writes that will heat them up.