3 network site setup help


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Mar 26, 2013
I am looking at revamping a friends business setup. he is not very keen on "cloud solutions".

What I am looking to do is a 3 network site setup.

Main site: his business. have a router that does both VPN server and IPSEC-Site 2 site.

Remote site 1: this is his personal home. I would like 1 vlan for his normal household internet (read: NET). and a 2nd vlan connected to his business for hyper-V replication. I do not want any routing between the 2 VLAN. just VLAN 1 to the internet as NAT and VLAN2 out to the internet via a IPsec/PPTP tunnel to the main site.

Remote site 2: this is his accountants home. again I would like 1 vlan for their normal internet (read: NAT) and a 2nd vlan connected to his business for backup. I want the same configuration as remote site 1 except for different subnet addresses.

How have others done this in the past? PFSense is an option. but I was wondering about using edgerouterX to do the job for a more turnkey solutions.

any pointers to good walk throughs on doing this?

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