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    creating S2D using SCVMM 2016 created a system reserved partition

    Hi, I have 4 servers containing both SSDs and HDDs and I have created a S2D cluster using SCVMM2016. I have noticed on one of the servers it has created a 'System Reserved partition' with drive letter. It has used small portion of the one of the SSD's to create a system reserved partition. I've...
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    Virtual Box Log ● Collect Debug info

    Hello, Since I needed to troubleshoot some installation problem with a a virtual machine (VM), I made a video to show some of the steps for a VM. you will need log files and some debugging information. You can learn how to prepare that information for support staff and how to look at some parts...
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    Virtual Box ● Increase Disk Size ● In Windows

    At some point with VirtualBox I had a VM that needed more space. After looking around I found some way to do it. In this video you can learn /review how to increase your disk size on a windows host. The command to use is: VBoxmanage modifymedium D:\Nouveau dossier\cli-10\cli-10.vmdk –resize 50000
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    IBM x3650 M3 Rackserver - What configuration for VMHost

    Hi community I need a Server for hosting several virtual machines. I want to run 3-5 Linux systems (mostly Debian) VMs for webserver, database, GitLab, ldap and also a fileserver. I can choose between these two servers: 1. IBM x3650 M3 Rackserver 1x Intel Xeon E5645 Hexa Core 2.40GHz 64GB...