1. C

    Help me find a NAS, 10gbps/SSDs

    Hello, I am tasked with upgrading the storage for our marketing department, they work with a lot of Adobe software and their files can become pretty big 10GB+ Currently they are working of a Synology NAS with 4x WD RED Pro 4TB in BTRFS, SHR-1, they are only using about 450GB now (most data is...
  2. F

    TrueNAS to Synology SSH Connection for Rsync

    Hello everyone, i am new here so excuse me if this isn't the correct subforum or something. I have the following Idea and resulting Problem: Recently i bought a Synology NAS (DS220J) to backup my main TrueNAS system to. Saw some reviews that made everything seem very simple but in the real...
  3. J

    Is it possible to future-proof any NAS with Docker containers on SBC

    Hi. Just a thought. I see those Synology Diskstations and always find them very attractive, EXPENSIVE, and UNDERPOWERED :-). To be fair, they sure look good. Since a lot of people have one, I think they must be doing a pretty good job. One of the concerns though is since they are NAS...
  4. P

    QNAP 16 bay NAS

    For sale: QNAP TS-EC1679U-RP - 16 bay NAS CPU Quad Core Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 v2 Processor 3.2 GHz Memory System memory: 32 GB DDR3 ECC RAM Memory module pre-installed: 8 GB x4 Total memory slots: 4 Flash Memory 512MB DOM Hard Drive 16 x 3.5" or 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s, SATA 3Gb/s hard drive or SSD...
  5. A

    [FS][US-CA] UNAS NSC-810A Kit (Case, Seasonic PSU, Noctua low profile CPU Fan, Expansion Cables, Breakout Cables)

    I’ve upgraded my U-NAS NSC-810A to a rack mounted server. I’m selling the following items as a “kit” since it’s basically everything you need to get started with a fully functional 810A case. If you’re not familiar with it, its an incredibly compact case, with hot-swappable bays, allowing you to...
  6. B

    Synology Low Speed with 40Gbps NIC & Nvme SSD

    Hello guys, sorry for my poor English. I just built a server with Xpenology(synology) on C612 motherboard, 40G nic, 2 x samsung PM1725a 6.4T nvme pcie ssd(2 x basic no raid) just in case some ppl don't know it yet: We now are able to use nvme ssd as storage in synology (by using mdadm in ssh)...
  7. A

    Synology + Hynix SSD compatibility?

    This Hynix SSD Anyone running them in a Synology NAS?
  8. T

    Disk Read Write Speed ESXi / Synology NAS

    Setting up a new home lab - currently I have a single PowerEdge R630 which boots ESXi from thumbdrive. PowerEdge is connected to Synology 1819+ with 10GBE - iSCSI provided datastore. I have installed Windows Server 2016 VM (2vCPU, 4GB RAM) and have used the PVCSI disk driver and installed VM...
  9. K

    Very Slow Data Transfer between two Internal Volume on Synology NAS

    I tried both File Copy within File Station, both Move to and Copy to had the same results. I try changing Shared Folder location to a different volume. The results were the same. Even with Multiple GB files, ( Seq Write and not 4K Small Files ) , it max out at 18MB/s. That is even slower than...
  10. I

    EU WTS - Synology DX510 - 2 Units - 1 with 5 2TB Disk & 1 Diskless

    Hello All I have just moved from a Synology system to UNRAID so no longer need my Synology system. I am therefore selling my 2 DX510 units. Unit 1 - £499 DX510 and 10TB storage - 5 x 2TB Disks - These disks are Samsung HD204UI - 2010/11 in date and all show fine under the Synology system...
  11. L

    DIY Linux Server or Synology NAS?

    Hi, I am wanting to upgrade my current home server to something that doesn't use Windows and am having a crisis with choosing what I am going to do. Here are my list of things that I need as well as some prefered things Required: GUI for 90% of tools that I will be using (I can do some things in...
  12. T

    U-NAS 810 | Intel DQ77KB | i7-3770S | Synology DIY | Build 1.0

    Hello all, Previously... Chassis: U-NAS 810 PSU: Seasonic 1U Flex 350W CPU: Intel Core i5-2500T Mobo: Jetway NF9A-Q67 Mini-ITX HDDs : 1 x 120 OCZ Agility 3, 8 x WD Black 750GB RAID: IBM ServerRAID M5014 OS: Ubuntu 16.04 Issues: Drives 0 & 1 below the PSU ( getting hot due to PSU never...
  13. O

    EU WTB Dual (or more) drive NAS with schedule support

    Hi, I am looking for a cheap "consumer" and used "NAS" enclosure like qnap, synology or wd my cloud. It must have at least 2 bays (it might be diskless), gigabit network interface (or two). and some sort of GUI/web interface where I can set scheduled power on / power off. Cherry on top? usb 3.0...
  14. B

    FS: (SOLD) Synology RackStation RS3617xs+ NAS (Diskless) + 56GB ECC RAM (SOLD)

    Selling a Synology RS3617XS+. Note this is the "plus" addition that this is the higher end model. No hard disks are included with this system. The Synology RS3617xs+ is in very good condition and has some slight wear from being used in a rack and its rails (not included). The system is about...
  15. G

    FS: Lot of 6TB & 8TB Red HDDs, Quanta Server, Synology Diskstations, & More

    I’m doing some summer cleaning of my home lab and I’m retiring some great equipment that has severed me well. Everything that I’m selling is in perfect, working condition and has come from a smoke-free, home environment. I’m giving everybody at ServeTheHome first grabs before I put these on...
  16. N

    Linux based FreeNAS alternatives

    Poking around the internet looking for a NAS Distro to try. I was planning on going to FreeNAS Corral since it had Docker Integration...but we know how that went :( Seems like most people have gone to ZFS historically because it was more stable than BTRFS, but is that still the case today...
  17. N

    Playing with NFS4.1 Multipathing on Synology

    When creating a new NFS datastore I noticed that VMware only supports v3 and v4.1. Unfortunately Synology only officially support NFS v4 and not 4.1. I was poking around my syno and the kernal they are using does in fact support 4.1. By making a simple edit I am able to enable this...
  18. L

    Anyone tried Synology's new BTRFS capable NAS's?

    Looking at moving from custom built NAS boxes using Supermicro hardware and FreeNAS to Synology's RackStation units. Looking to reduce the time spent messing around with supporting the FreeNAS boxes and wondering if the Synology BTRFS NAS's are as reliable and fast at snapshotting data as...
  19. Patrick

    Is down for anyone else?

    I was just about to publish the DSM 6.0 release article but seems to be having a CloudFront error: