1. T

    X11SRM and SR-IOV support?

    Greetings - I'm interested in doing a build with the X11SRM motherboard and would like to ask owners of this MB if SR-IOV is available to any of the PCIe slots? If so, is it all or specific slots? TIA, -Terry
  2. G

    Help getting Connectx-3 working in SR-IOV under proxmox-ve.

    Hi Folks Need help getting SR-IOV (inifiniband) to work with Proxmox-ve. I’ve installed MLX_OFED_LINUX ver 4.3- installed on both the host (proxmox ve 5.4-3 and the guest (ubuntu 18.04). I’ve enabled SR-IOV in the firmware of the card, SR-IOV on MLX_OFED Driver and go the point of...
  3. Dreece

    Has anyone ever got SR-IOV working with Chelsio T420-CR on Hyper-V 2016/2019?

    Google unfortunately is not my best friend when it comes to the Chelsio T420-CR cards, effectively zero information regarding configuring these cards on Windows, plenty information for Linux though. I have been unable to get SR-IOV to work, also VMQ doesn't appear to work on Hyper-V Windows...
  4. AveryFreeman

    Kernel-level SMB3 for Linux?

    Hi, kind of an odd question - I know SMB3 is being touted as a VM datastore-worthy transfer protocol on Windows Server platforms with RDMA / SR-IOV capabilities, etc. but is the same thing available for Linux? Do I understand it in that 'Samba' for Linux is a userland-only protocol and...
  5. T

    SR-IOV i350T4 on Hyper-V to pfSense/FreeBSD VM?

    Yes, I know pfSense is meant to run fine on abstracted virtual switches. But I have hardware that will expose SR-IOV to the VM, so I'd prefer to use that, if at all possible. I can provide SR-IOV to a Windows VM fine and can even find details for setting it up for Linux, but am getting nowhere...
  6. D

    SR-IOV motherboard support

    Looking at C236 motherboards, I liked SuperMicro X11SSH-LN4F, but skimming through the manual, I noticed a lack of SR-IOV mentioned, which some of their other C236 do list. Like the SuperMicro X11SSH-TF. It might be they only gave boards that come with onboard 10Gbit SR-IOV support. Not those...
  7. EluRex

    How to pass SR-IOV VF Nic to LXC in PVE 4.1 ?

    Anyone knows how to pass sr-iov VF Nic to LXC in pve 4.1? The VF nic highlight in RED are the ones that I want to pass to LXC root@pve-dol1:/sys/class/net/eth6/device# lspci |grep Eth 03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection X552/X557-AT 10GBASE-T 03:00.1 Ethernet...
  8. EluRex

    SM 5028D-TN4T X10SDV-TLN4F X557 sr-iov Does Not Work, i350 Work

    This thread is fork from Ubuntu 14.04.3 with Kernel 4.2.3 with success X557 VF and pci-passthrough but not yet test for a successful ping test. The other NIC Intel i350 confirmed...