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    Seeking Quiet Cooler for AMD EPYC and Supermicro H12SSL-NT

    I'm currently working on a build with an AMD EPYC and a Supermicro H12SSL-NT in a 4U server chassis which allows a max cooler height of 158mm. I've hit a snag though - finding a cooler that not only fits but also has the right orientation. Most "SP3" coolers I've come across expect airflow that...
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    SP3 Heatsink missing a bolt, where can I find a replacement?

    So I ordered a couple of these: AMD epyc 2U active SP3 TR4 4 heat pipe CPU radiator Ⅹ 399 H11DSi | eBay One came missing a bolt. Any insight on how I might most quickly be able to replace it? I have an LGA2011-3 heatsink here but I am guessing the bolt threads/diameter/spring tension aren't...
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    EU SOLD Repaired Supermicro H11DSi (NT) Rev2

    Sold are two Supermicro Epyc SP3 Motherboards. A H11DSi and one H11DSi-NT. Both are revision 2 and have been repaired by me. The DSi had multiple Pins bent in both sockets while the NT presumably had a transistor, labeled Q1, ripped away near the BMC, preventing POST. Specifically tested and...