1. AveryFreeman

    Anyone ever cross-flashed an HP-branded adaptec controller with stock firmware?

    Hey, So I have this controller. It's a smartHBA 2100-4i4e. I bought it thinking it should be compatible with SmartHBA firmware, but I neglected to read the fine print that it is sold by HP. So now I find out it's only compatible with HP firmware, as far as I can tell. Has anyone ever...
  2. AveryFreeman

    Microsemi / Adaptec SmartHBA 2100?

    Hey, I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this HBA. Its datasheet makes it look really cool, but I can't find any reviews or anecdotes in forums from people who own them. Positives: SAS3 - but much cheaper than most other SAS3 cards In the ESXi 7.0U1 HCL ESXi, MAAS and OpenStack...