1. G

    Newbie setting up VLAN in pfSense/OPNSense with Cisco SG200-26

    Hi Guys, I already said it here, but I'm relatively new to networking and I'm learning by doing. I read about VLAN's, trunks, layer 2 & layer 3 switches and I do kind of understand the basics. I want to work on a project and I'm kind of stuck by planning the configuration of the Cisco SG200-26...
  2. J

    Simple Home Network Advice

    Hey all, I am looking for some guidance on my home network rebuild. Here are some details: I have a 400/20 mbit cable connection to the house My house is a ~1600sqft (i think) ranch with drywall and unfinished full basement All rooms are wired with cat5/6 I use a WNDR3700 with openwrt on it...
  3. J

    Enterprise routers/firewall vs pfSense

    Hey Everyone, I'm hoping to gather some opinions / experience for or against replacing my Watchguard XTM5 running pfSense with a Juniper SRX345. I'm sure some of you are running a combo of these at home and work. What pain points would I have? Some considerations, - SRX345 has no active...
  4. Z

    Testing Router Performance?

    I recently installed pfSense on a dedicated box with an i7-6700 and an I350-T4. Web browsing from a connected client is surprisingly sluggish/unresponsive. My previous router -- a ubiquiti ER-X -- felt snappier. Can anyone recommend a good benchmark for comparing the performance of these two...
  5. K

    Supermicro SYS-5018A-LTN4 for last Pfsense ?

    I find this interesting old article : Really wonder if its still worthy in 2019 to grab Supermicro SYS-5018A-LTN4 for the last version of Pfsense ?
  6. J

    opnsense vpn performance - e3-1220

    I am considering using a Dell Poweredge R210 II as an opnsense firewall for my work lab. How much should this be able to handle of plain routing, vpn (ipsec? openvpn), ids etc. It has 16GB ram and a Xeon e3-1220 (4 core 3.1Ghz w/aes-ni) -jannis
  7. marcoi

    networking help

    so i need to pick the brains of the network gurus out there. I have an ATT fiber at home with 8 static IP block with 5 usable. I have two ESXI hosts that run home services and dev lab. I setup a third esxi host to be used for external services (minecraft/blog, etc). I have the ATT modem setup...
  8. X

    Firewall with large number of interfaces/vlans

    First post, so be gentle :) I am investigating a firewall solution that would enable me to have a large number of interfaces / VLANs behind a firewall. My current go-to solution is pFSense, however due to some limitations of how the pfsense was written the system is mostly unable to deal with...
  9. S

    Automatic vMotion of pfSense with 3750g?

    I'm putting together my home lab, which includes (but isn't limited to) two r610s (Hosts A & B), each with 8 NICs, vSphere 6.7 and one 3750g. I've got both vCenter and pfSense VMs running, but have done only minimal configuration to each. At the moment, there is a cable running from my Pace...
  10. J

    cheap pfsense hardware w/aes-ni?

    Considering building a pfsense or opnsense box for home use. 500/500 fiber connection. would like decent performance with suricata, vpn ++ Been looking at the mbt-4220 system for $199, but they don’t ship to Norway, and I’m not sure how much vpn performance I’d get. 2Gb ram is also not much, if...
  11. F

    FS: Barenones Pfsense appliance (i5-7200U)AES-NI

    I have a new i5-7200u barebone firewall appliance. This system is barebones which means it does not come with memory. However, I will throw in a 128GB mSATA SSD. It's identical to the Protectli "FW6C – 6 Port Intel® i5" 6x Intel 82583V 1G NICS 2x DDR4 SODIMM Slots (No memory inclulded) 1 x...
  12. L

    New 1U pfSense build - Can't decide on hardware

    I'm working on a new pfSense build to replace a SuperMicro 1U D525 build (which of course, doesn't have AES-NI support and will therefore be incompatible with future pfSense releases). I've decided on the SuperMicro SC505-203B as the case because of the front facing I/O. Comes with a PSU...
  13. E

    Starting my first home server build. Need help...

    Hello there, So I’ve been a tech enthusiast for years and have aquired most of my technical knowledge from having to fix things for friends and family members as the need arises. I’ve recently started looking into ways to build a more secure/convient home network with a lot of salavged...
  14. archmagos

    SOLD: Supermicro SYS-5018A-TN4 (A1SAi-2750F) + Extras - $400 + Shipping

    Finally getting around to selling this. I'm sure everyone is pretty familiar with this system. It was my main home server for near three years and would be an excellent NAS or home router: Supermicro | Products | SuperServers | 1U | 5018A-TN4 Importantly, I had it sent to Supermicro already...
  15. svtkobra7

    pfSense on Google Compute [anyone have experience???]

    Does anyone have any experience creating a VPN server in Google Compute? And can lend a hand? Note: I'm not referring to the VPN server offer that Google Compute provides, rather rolling my own. It is more cost effective to use an "always free" f1-micro VM instance + pay for network egress...
  16. I

    Small pfSense compatible box w/ wifi

    As an experiment, I set up a pfSense VM in ESXi 6.5 to connect an isolated virtual network to my server's NIC. It worked very well for that purpose, and I eventually started using it as an OpenVPN endpoint. Now I'd like to ditch my Linksys E4200 for a small, dedicated pfSense box that can act as...
  17. T

    SR-IOV i350T4 on Hyper-V to pfSense/FreeBSD VM?

    Yes, I know pfSense is meant to run fine on abstracted virtual switches. But I have hardware that will expose SR-IOV to the VM, so I'd prefer to use that, if at all possible. I can provide SR-IOV to a Windows VM fine and can even find details for setting it up for Linux, but am getting nowhere...
  18. O

    Anyone have experience with Opnsense?

    i need to realize a new firewal with some function (qos/shaping/failover) on an alix apu2c4 board. now i use iptables only but only console managemetn is hard on complex situation.... pfsense vs opnsense? suggestion?
  19. U

    Difference between A1SRi-2758F and A1SAi-2750F?

    Hi all, I'd like to buy up a 2nd-hand C2000 board (after checking that it's a newer revision that doesn't suffer from "that" notorious bug, of course). What are the notable differences between the Supermicro A1SRi-2758F and A1SAi-2750F? Requirements: mini-ITX form factor and silent (or...
  20. N

    Need help - Pfsense hangs while shutting down

    I have this wierd issue with pfsense 2.3.4-Release as well as with 2.3.4 p1. Actually it was rock solid before on 2.3.4 and I tried to apply the patch P1 and trouble started. I wiped out and did a clean install and still has this issue. SMART does not show any errors on the 16gb SSD. My...