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    New U.2 NVRAM NVMe SSD (Radian formerly Viking)?

    Previously it was reported that the Viking Technology U.2 NVMe NVRAM drive was no longer available despite only a year after announcement, or at the least no ordinary humans could obtain it. VT-PM8 & VT-PM16 Persistent Memory Drive - Viking Technology | Memory and Storage Solutions It...
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    [ebay BO] RMS-200/8G PCI-e NVRAM Accelerator 360$

    RMS-200/8G PCI-e NVRAM Accelerator | eBay Maybe not a good deal but interesting and rare hardware anyway. On-Board Ultracapacitors (no remote ultracapacitor pack required) Device Drivers NVMe Linux 2 2.6.38 and above Write Throughput: 5 GB/s Random 4K Write IOPS: 900K Read Throughput: 5.2...