1. Z


    Open box MIST AP41. Got it from going to a IT conference and have no use for it as we are all CISCO. FS: $SOLD USA only
  2. D

    [FS] BNIB NetGear ProSafe FS116 16 Port 10/100 Ethernet Unmanaged Switch

    I have a brand new, in box ProSafe 16 port dumb switch for sale. Asking $40 shipped to the continental US. It is a desktop style, no rack mount provision. It does have wall mount keyholes.
  3. T

    EU [COMPLETED] WTB: Netgear XS716T or XS712T

    Hello, I would like to buy 10Gbase-T 16 port or 12 port switch (Netgear XS716T or XS712T). If anyone plans to upgrade home lab and wants to get rid of such switch, let me know :) For 16 port i am ok to pay ~400euro. For 12 port ~300 euro. Plus delivery (~25 euro). If you have comments on...
  4. V

    $15 -- Netgear GS908E - 8-port Gigabit Consumer-grade managed switch

    Not sure if people on here care for consumer-grade stuff, but this is currently available for $15 on Amazon: (As usual free ship with Prime or with orders over $25) The NETGEAR GS908E Smart Managed Plus Desktop Switch features 8-Port Gigabit...
  5. C

    WTB 8 port 10GB Copper Switch

    Hello, looking for a smaller 10GB managed copper switch, like a Netgear XS708Ev2, only really need Layer 2 functionality. If anyone has one or something similar for a good deal, please let me know. Thanks.
  6. J

    Netgear M4300 LACP / LAGG: Requesting working configs

    I've got a(nother) problem with this beautiful Netgear M4300. I'm trying to set up a LAGG between a Chelsion 40gbE breakout 4x10gb, and no matter what I do, it only sustains 10gbe speeds. UNLESS: I uncheck the ports in the LAGG configuration screen- so there's no hardware 'attached'- and then...
  7. G

    (Sold) ebay - Netgear GSM7328S v2h1 $190 shipped

    In my searches for a Netgear S3300-28X, I found this listing. Looks like a managed 24-port + 2x 10gbit SFP switch. 2 expansion ports in the back can do another 2x 10gbe. Anyone have experience with this one? Someone else should buy this before I convince myself that I need it for my main home...
  8. S

    Sophos XG VLANS + Unifi

    Hello! I'm having a problem that's a bit similar to some posts I've ready, but I think my issue is unique enough to start a separate thread. I am using Sophos XG to serve as my primary firewall/gateway/DHCP server for my home network. Sophos XG is running on a dual NIC box, port 1 is connected...
  9. Andre Blumberg

    Your feedback - 10G switches: D-Link DXS-1210-12TC vs Netgear ProSafe XS712T-100NES vs ZyXEL XS1920

    Planning to build a home 10G network and have narrowed down my switch choice to one of these three. Would be interested in any feedback you may have on these - thanks in advance. D-Link DXS-1210-12TC - relatively new to market - smart fans Netgear ProSafe XS712T-100NES - apparently very...