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    Paying for someone to change the fans in my 1u PSUs

    I have a Chenbro NR40700. The one listed here: Instead of modifying the chassis, my idea is to swap out the PSU fans for a quieter model. Can anyone here do this for me? I...
  2. P

    Supermicro Dual Xeon 12 bay server

    I have acquired a like new Supermicro 12 bay server. It was originally built to be a Pivot3 CloudBank. I installed XigmaNAS to test it out. I think it has less than 40 hours of use. It uses the CSE-826 chassis and X8DT3-LN4 mainboard with the SAS-826EL1 backplane to support 12 drives. Has 2...
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    iXsystems next Open Source Project - TrueNAS SCALE >> Debian Linux

    Link: Starting our next Open Source Project - TrueNAS SCALE
  4. M

    A 'Server Newbie' needing guidance with Server Build(s)

    Hey Wonderful People! I'm currently looking to see if someone here might be able to assist or point me in the right direction. Apologies in advance for any stupid questions or mistakes on my end etc. I'm an indie game designer and I'm looking at solutions for a few issues. Network Attached...
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    E-2200 series home server build request for comments

    Hello! I've been thinking of replacing my old (and trusty) Intel Pentium J2900 server with something more powerful. After some thinking I finally decided to use an E-2200 series Xeon. This is the build that I'm planning on getting: CPU - Intel® Xeon® E-2226G (x1) MOBO - Supermicro X11SCH-F (x1)...
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    FS: NetApp FAS2650 HA Storage Array w/ (24) 900GB 10k SAS HDDs

    I no longer have use for this so I am parting ways with my NetApp FAS2650 HA (Dual Controller) Storage array. The system works perfectly and I have zeroed it so it is ready to be reinitialized by the next owner. I am asking $3000 + shipping for the system which includes the following: * (1)...
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    New member, new build, need advice

    OK! wow.... what a great community STH is. I wish I would have known about this place sooner. I have been doing a lot of reading the past week. This has led to the typical highs, feeling like I know what I want, and lows, feeling like I know nothing about what is out there. That being said, I am...
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    Best specs for large storage-only NAS

    Hello all, I am looking to build a high-capacity (24 drive) NAS. It will be storage-only for mostly media and backups; all transcoding, VM, and other server needs will be handled by a separate system. I plan on running FreeNAS. I don't think I will need a very powerful processor or very much...
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    NAS and Plex server build help

    Hey Guys first time posting on the forum, I've recently decided to build a dedicated Plex Server and NAS instead of piggy backing off my gaming rig so I wanted some advice. The last time I built a computer was about 5 years ago so all my knowledge about what is best to buy is very out of date...
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    Disk Read Write Speed ESXi / Synology NAS

    Setting up a new home lab - currently I have a single PowerEdge R630 which boots ESXi from thumbdrive. PowerEdge is connected to Synology 1819+ with 10GBE - iSCSI provided datastore. I have installed Windows Server 2016 VM (2vCPU, 4GB RAM) and have used the PVCSI disk driver and installed VM...
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    Help: Need a mass storage solution for home record label

    Hello all! I am currently looking for a mass storage solution to solve the storage issue that my label is currently having. Currently: We have a Mac mini running a WebDav & Apache server with a 2TB internal Samsung EVO SSD as storage and an 8TB external HDD for onsite backup. We are running...
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    Very Slow Data Transfer between two Internal Volume on Synology NAS

    I tried both File Copy within File Station, both Move to and Copy to had the same results. I try changing Shared Folder location to a different volume. The results were the same. Even with Multiple GB files, ( Seq Write and not 4K Small Files ) , it max out at 18MB/s. That is even slower than...
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    Guidance on building home server

    We're looking to build a home server to be used for, steam web cache, file server (local and internet) and ripping and hosting Blu-ray's. The hardware we're thinking about at the moment is: CPU: athlon 3000g Ram: 2*4gb ddr4 Storage: 10*600gb 15k sas + 120gb ssd Motherboard: Asus b450m micro ATX...
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    EU WTS - Synology DX510 - 2 Units - 1 with 5 2TB Disk & 1 Diskless

    Hello All I have just moved from a Synology system to UNRAID so no longer need my Synology system. I am therefore selling my 2 DX510 units. Unit 1 - £499 DX510 and 10TB storage - 5 x 2TB Disks - These disks are Samsung HD204UI - 2010/11 in date and all show fine under the Synology system...
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    Networking Services don’t auto-start on boot up - Dell R720 w/ proxmox (Warning: Beginner User)

    I’m working on a home server project using a Dell R720 to serve as a NAS, PLEX server, and torrent grabber. This is my first server ever and my first experience in networking, server hardware, and Linux. Because of this, I do not know how to carry out the three functions listed out above so I’m...
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    LSI9211-8i question & NAS configurations

    Good evening Networking gurus :D I'm after advice before the Cyber Monday sales disappear and the lovely savings on HDD's! Currently have 2 NAS devices at home and making decision on new drives to add - 1. Synology 1812+ 8 bay (3TB x6 RAID5 + 2TBx3 JBOD) -> backs up my main NAS weekly...
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    Noob questions about an HGST 4u60 JBOD

    Hello :) I have a total of 30 10tb wd red pros that have been hooked up directly to my server's motherboard with sas cards->sata cables, and sata piggyback power in two rosewill lsv4500 cases. There is no external jbod unit, just disks connecting directly to the host and consumer grade psu. For...
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    FS: SOLD 88TB! 8x8TB + 4x6TB +bonus!

    Hello, Just moved my home array Promise TB3 to 12TB drives. I'm looking to sell 4x WD NAS Red 6TB drvies (Warranty till 2019 to 2021) As always, I include a gift (CPU, RAM, SSD, ect... just ask). Also, I have 8x 8TB that i'll be replacing as well. Ask for a bundle deal! Thanks Z...
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    FS[US-IL] Server, NAS, CPU

    I have the following items for sale. New Supermicro Server AS-1013S-MTR AMD EPYC 7000 Series (No CPU or RAM) $600 + shipping QNAP Turbo NAS TS-453Be SAN/NAS Storage System $400 (shipped US only) Intel CPU Core i9-9980XE Skylake 3.0 LGA 2066 $1400 (shipped US only) If you have any...
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    WTB: 5x 10/12/14+TB HDD

    Hi, Looking to buy 5x drives for a small TB3 NAS project. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on a nightly data-backup program to move windows folders from one TB3 NAS to another TB3 NAS. Thanks! PM with any $$$ for drives (SATA