1. V

    Finally finished all the testing and ready to make then change to zfsonLinux

    Being using ZFS since it's out and using Solaris/OpenSolaris/OmniOS for my centralized storage server for a few years. The storage server provides VMware datastore through NFS mainly, some iSCSI (used to do FC) for specific applications, then NFS/SMB for other servers and workstations at home...
  2. zxv

    CX3 iSER

    This is a continuation of previous discussion here: NFSv3 vs NFSv4 vs iSCSI for ESXI datastores OK, so there is good news and bad news about connectx-3 and iser on esxi. First the bad news. The bad news is, there are issues with flow control which might or might not be able to be resolved...
  3. G

    iSer Driver for VMWare 6.5

    Hello all, Just noticed this on Mellanox site today - iSer driver for VMWare 6.5. There is a new tab called 'iSer Download'. Seem there's support for ConnectX-3 Eth drivers as well. Thanks Gurvinder