1. S

    [FS] Selling 12TB DELL EMC 9hxk6 HDD for $205 ASAP

    DELL EMC 9hxk6 12tb 7.2k rpm nlsas 12gbps 512e Hey there! So, I've got this DELL EMC 9hxk6 hard drive that's been chilling in my place. I got it a while back for a project that never really took off. It's 12TB, spinning at a decent 7.2K RPM Selling for $205 This runs on NLSAS at a speedy...
  2. C

    WD RED HDD failed, but can PCB replacement fix it?

    My WD RED WD80EFAX HDD suddenly died last week: I shut down my Proxmox server, booted it up again and the drive started "clicking". It was clicking for a while, until it stopped and no longer does that. I did not receive any SMART warnings ahead of time, and looking back at the...
  3. M

    Topton Motherboard No SATA drives found

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Topton Motherboard with the N5105 in it. I used to have an old NAS running TrueNAS Core with 3x HDDs (Data drives) and 1x SSD as a boot drive and I wanted to move it to a more power efficient setup. My issue: I can't figure out why none of my Storage is...
  4. O

    Canada FOUND - WTB: 4Tb 3.5" SAS 6Gbs Drives

    Looking for the above, qty 6 or more would be best depending on mileage and price. In Canada so if anyone has any available please contact.
  5. D

    Same HDD dropping from system and ZFS on HPE DL380 Gen9

    I have a homelab rack setup with a few servers and my HDD NAS server is having an odd issue and I can't easily pinpoint if the issue is the controller, the slot, or the HDD itself. Problem The same HDD in drive bay 1 will be removed from the system. I don't see it drop in system logs but I see...
  6. G

    Backblaze Drive Stats

    Q1 2023 >> Source: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/backblaze-drive-stats-for-q1-2023/
  7. G

    Secure Data Recovery - Report: How Long Do Hard Drives Last?

    Source >> How Long Do Hard Drives Last
  8. Q

    Informations about DC HC520 12To ?

    Hello :D regarding HUH721212ALE601 and HUH721212ALE604 (DC HC520 12to) I nee some help to figure it out some point. Maybe @MuscleLazy @napalm_atx could help :rolleyes: I bought some disks from two different ressellers, everythings works fine, but I have some question regarding those disks...
  9. H

    Thoughts on Using Consumer SLC SSD for NAS

    First Post! Okay, here it goes. I'm going to start moving regularly for my job so I sold my rack and got a VRTX to consolidate my lab into "mobile" infrastructure. Since moving involves a lot of vibration I wanted to stick to an SSD build only... but SSDs are expensive. A consumer SLC SSD runs...
  10. bilbo1337

    18TB Exos Renewed Hard Drive for $249.99

    Just came across this deal. The 16TB refurbished drives were going for this price just a few months ago. At just under $14 per TB, it's pretty solid but it's also the cheapest $/TB drive in a 3.5 inch form factor out there right now it seems. Could be good if you only have 4 bays on a NAS I'd...
  11. J

    18 TB WD Ultrastar DC HC550 @ $320

    The WD Reds (/Plus/Pro) got some (STH) critique lately. Here is a WD Ultrastar on a competitive offer...
  12. G

    Badblocks Report

    I just ran a 'badblocks' command over some of my old HGST 3TB platters I exchanged recently here overnight. It appears to me a drive just died tonight during the testing as it wrote an 11.6G output file of bad blocks and can't be accessed anymore. I tested the drive on Thursday last week with...
  13. R

    How to use SSD with locked 520 bytes block?

    I hope you all are doing great. Few days ago I made quite stupid purchase and did not read specs carefully. I purchased 12 pieces of Micron p400m 200gb SSDs quite cheap. It was pretty good deal and in a fear of missing out I made haste purchase. MTFDDAK400MAN-2S1AA is what I have and is locked...
  14. I

    sas drives and write cache option

    Hello I ve being using in a production level some sas2 disks hitachi-wd Dell 2.5inch 10k 1.2Tb drives with zfs (no Zil or Slog extra devices) in a raid 10 level. In a random check to the drives I noticed that the feature of all the drives write cache was disabled. Used the command sdparm -g...
  15. F

    EXPIRED WD 14TB Elements External Hard Drive - 259.99$

    https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1550572-REG/ I've been watching these to shuck for drives to populate my little home CEPH cluster as some of the pricing appears to finally be recovering from Chiapocalypse. I was just about to buy this drive for 271$ from Amazon when I got the email for...
  16. B

    FS - [USA-TX] 6 x 16TB Seagate EXOS SATA HDD, Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 with NF-A15 Chromax and Heatsink Cover

    Hi all, I am parting out the drives of my NAS due to a canceled research project :(. These are shucked drives and they have been extensively tested prior to shucking (Write+Read test using HDD Sentinel) from Seagate 16TB Expansion Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (STEB16000400). They are...
  17. bilbo1337

    18TB Enterprise HDD $424.99

    I've been watching 18TB prices and this looks like the cheapest out there right now. 18TB enterprise hard drive
  18. G

    Backblaze Hard Drive Report 2020

    Already two days old blog entry, but hey ......... https://www.backblaze.com/blog/backblaze-hard-drive-stats-for-2020/ https://www.backblaze.com/b2/hard-drive-test-data.html
  19. V

    Drive and RAID configuration questions

    I am really confused about some drive / raid configurations I've seen people have with their homelab servers. Both virtualization servers and NAS servers. Below I put some examples. ------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration 1: Variety of different drives on...
  20. D

    FS: (US) Seagate Exos Enterprise 2TB HDD SATA 2.5in

    I have 12 Seagate Exos Enterprise 2TB HDD's 7200RPM SATA. These are 2.5 inch form factor. Looking for $85 per drive + $8 Shipping. Will entertain bundle discounts for people buying 4 or more. For those wondering I ran them all through a SMART check. I will post a SMART here for one of the...