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    New harddrives for H700 (Dell R710)

    Hi, so I bought an R710 a while back, and for some reason the drives were not recognised by the raid controller. Initially I had an M1015, but swapped it out for an H700 when the drives didn't work. (The seller thought the H700 would work with the drives). The drives are 4Kn (HP...
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    SOLD: Dell Hardware - PowerEdge R710; PowerEdge R515; H200 - Used

    Dell PowerEdge R710 LFF - $300 - SOLD Dell PowerEdge R515 LFF - $350 - SOLD Dell H200 RAID Controller - SOLD
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    C2100 + H700 + WD Red Drives and Backplane Jumper Question

    I'm looking to put together a home media server. I have had significant success with the C2100 chassis and the H200 board, flashed into IT mode for a linux backup server at work. For my home case, I'm looking at running ESXi as the hyper visor and running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials in a...