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    UK HP OfficeConnect 1920 24G Switch (JG924A)

    Boxed, all original items included. Used for a few months in our office, surplus to requirements. Full specs here: Price: £60 SOLD
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    10g Home NAS Setup

    Hi all, I'm new here and have searched to try to find what I'm after with no avail, and you lot seem to know what you're on about! I would like to see if you can find an issue with my proposed setup, I work in 3D using a lot of data and am moving into a new home in a few weeks, a perfect time...
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    Syba sd-pex-24041

    Hey everyone, I have this dual gigabit adapter (3 of them actually) based on a realtek rtl 8111h with a price switch onboard. You can find this at SYBA Multimedia 2-Port Ethernet PCIe x1 Card - In short, I'd like to get this to work on pfsense and nothing I seem to do including...
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    FS: Zyxel 1910-48 48 Port Managed Switch (used, good condition)

    Hi. I've been buying from members here, now its's time to sell. I have a Zyxel 1910-48 switch I used for about 6 months, but no longer need. It has the rack ears attached, and I'll include the power cable. I have a few short CAT-6 patch cables (6" to 2-ft) I can toss in as well if you need...
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    (Sold) ebay - Netgear GSM7328S v2h1 $190 shipped

    In my searches for a Netgear S3300-28X, I found this listing. Looks like a managed 24-port + 2x 10gbit SFP switch. 2 expansion ports in the back can do another 2x 10gbe. Anyone have experience with this one? Someone else should buy this before I convince myself that I need it for my main home...
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    Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X Advanced Gigabit ER-X 256MB 5-port

    Can't edit the title. Sheesh. $40, not $50 We have a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X that we used very briefly, but it just wasn't for us. Nice router, solidly built, and highly configurable. Ultimately, we swapped it out after moving into a new office and realizing we wanted a router with wifi built in...