1. chriscambridge

    Gigabyte HPC Server cooling question?

    Gigabyte G482-Z50 Does anyone know, or could find out (as I think this server is pre-release), exactly how the following Gigabyte HPC server cools its CPUs? (excluding heat sinks) As you can see there are no front chassis fans, only fans behind the GPUs and at the back of the Chassis; hence my...
  2. B

    EPYCD8-2T: two questions about Linux and IPMI

    Hi, I just built a system with a 7282 and an Asrock Rack EPYCD8-2T. It seems to be rock solid with Lubuntu 18.04 but here are a couple of question I really hope you could answer since I'm driven crazy with them. 1. OS-independent: I just cannot manage to have the IPMI working over the...
  3. D

    Epyc Rome IFOP limited to 1467MHz?

    AMD released a Workload Tuning Guide: https://developer.amd.com/wp-content/resources/56745_0.80.pdf So, as the doc says, the Infinity Fabric will have a maximum speed of 1467 MHz (lower in some platforms). AMD has advertised Epyc Rome to supporting 3200MHz DDR4. Why does it limit IFOP to...
  4. Y

    Dual Epyc 7742 and stockfish

    Could Patrick or someone tell me what kind of difference in NPS can I expect when running Stockfish chess engine with 2x Epyc 7742 cpu's in a Supermicro H11DSi-NT motherboard with DDR4-2666 MHz ram or DDR4-3200MHz ram? I read that in an AMD it can be several percent (~5) faster in benchmarks...
  5. H

    Can` install Windows Server on H11dsi-nt

    Hi everyone, I`m having some hard time with new build. It`s H11dsi-nt with 7742 cpu`s and can`t install Windows on it. I`ve tried localy, over IPMI, updated latest 2.0b bios and bmc... For some reason when I boot from a (uefi) bootable usb, just get stuck with Supermicro image, tried leaving...
  6. J

    Epyc vs Threadripper for homeserver & NAS

    Hello. I'm upgrading a server I have at home and I'm looking at Epyc & Threadripper CPUs. My needs are: 1 VM as main development server which also acts as CI/CD running tests Multiple VMs for testing VPN & firewall Media center (automation with Plex, Sonarr, Radarr...etc) I currently have...
  7. Fake Moth

    Any new Supermicro motherboard on the pipe for EPYC Rome?

    As the title says, does anyone have any info about the new Supermicro motherboards for Rome; pretty disappointed with them launching only servers/storage and such... and no H12 MB? Or at least a revision for the excellent and very well priced H11SSL-NC? I wouldn't jump into the Gigabyte and...
  8. M

    Sun Ultra24 Chassis Front Fan Mount

    I've recently completed a similar EPYC build to the one completed by Patrick. This was an upgrade to my Sun Ultra24 workstation, which I have used since 2009. After a few hours with a multi-meter to work out the front panel cables, the build went smoothly and I now have a workstation with the...
  9. C

    New AsrockRack 3251 Motherboard with 10gbe NICs

    Just stumbled across this - EPYC3251D4I-2T Includes intel 10gbe NICs Looks perfect for a homelab cluster
  10. E

    ES EPYC Motherboard Compatible?

    A ES EPYC seller are selling some ES EPYC. He claimed that the CPUs can only boot with a Dell R6415 or R7415, but i found that some seller on Ebay are selling the ES EPYC with the same model. And i asked another seller on Ebay, he told me that this model of ES EPYC is compatible with Supermicro...
  11. P

    Gigabyte MZ31-Ar0 No Display/POST

    I'm a complete newbie at most of this stuff, so I apologize if I missed something obvious, but I'm hoping to get some help with my build: Gigabyte MZ31-AR0 EPYC 7401P 4x16GB Gskill F4-2400C16Q Seasonic Focus+ Gold 850 PSU I'm getting no display or beep or response of any kind when I power on...
  12. J

    AMD Epyc NVME support

    Just purchased an an AMD Epyc server to set up as a NAS for a small company. It's the Supermicro A+ Server 2113S-WN24RT with 24 NVME drive bays. It uses the H11SSW-NT server board and wondered if anyone had any experience setting one up with OmniOS and Napp-it. Haven't had any luck so far with...
  13. R

    Intel IMDT + Optane (DC P4800X) + EPYC

    I wondered if anyone in these forums knows whether Intel software defined memory technology (IMDT + Optane DC P4800X) will work on an EPYC platform, or is it restricted to Xeon. I'm software dev considering building a machine for deep learning + video editing + general experimentation with...
  14. J

    Dell EPYC R7425 DIMM Operating Speed

    Hi All, Just purchased our laboratory a brand new EPYC server from Dell - A R7425 chassis with dual EPYC 7451. I also purchased 8x32 GB DIMM modules rated at 2666. The BIOS is only recognizing them as 2400. In looking through the manual...
  15. S

    AMD Epyc - performance impact of runing 4 channel memory instead of 8 Channels

    Hi All I have a client who is buying a 1U single socket Supermicro server with an Epyc 7351P 16 Core processor. The application is as a small Proxmox host, running Debian VM instances for clients. The intention is to run about 40 VM's at 128GB of RAM (32GB modules), but retaining the option...
  16. A

    Selecting Dual EPYC motherboard... Is there any other option except Supermicro?

    Googled, but no luck... Seems like Supermicro H11DSi-series is the only motherboard for Dual EPYC configuration... The other choice is Gigabyte MZ31-AR0 or Tyan Tomcat SX S8026, but it has only a single EPYC socket... I like my Supermicro H11DSi-NT, but it has no Hard Disk Drive activity LED...
  17. F

    Looking for a solution with 6 full x16 pcie lanes

    Hi, I am in need for a solution that offers six full x16 pcie lanes. I need 4 slots for 4 GPUs (for deep learning purposes, for certain models and toolboxes I use, GPUs in an x8 slot perform significantly slower than in x16 slots), 1 slot for a 100gigabit Mellanox ConnextX-4 NIC, and 1 slot for...
  18. P

    Epyc in h265 transcoding

    Hi, I’m looking for a CPU good enough to handle 2-4 simultaneously 1080p h265 transcoding and at least 1 4K. Does an Epyc 7281 work for this job? Is a Xeon e5-2640 v4 better?
  19. AveryFreeman

    Are there 3rd-party cases for the new Epyc TYAN S8026GM2NRE w/ Oculink?

    Hi, I'm interested in getting a Tyan S8026GM2NRE motherboard but I'd prefer to put it in a 3rd-party case because 2U tends to have too many cooling issues in my environment (would like a big full-atx case to put it in) but it has PCI risers instead of PCI slots Has anyone heard of a 3rd-party...
  20. T

    Epyc motherboard availability UK / EU

    Hi All Has anyone here got any tips on where to purchase Epyc motherboards in the UK Currently I can only really see the GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 available from Insight UK - but I'm not a huge fan of its layout, nowhere seems to be stocking any of the Supermicro H11SSL-* boards, CPUs seem to be easy...