1. R

    Threadripper PRO can run on EPYC server motherboard.How to achieve?

    As far as i know,there are some epyc motherboard can supported Threadripper Pro.Some dual 3995WX are on epyc motherboard.It looks like all motherboard which supported 7002/7003 are all supported Threadripper Pro.Such as ASUS KRPA-U16/GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0/TYAN S8030GM2NE/ASRock ROMED8-2T.And there...
  2. J

    Dual EPYC 7742s for 3D Rendering (part of a Render Farm)

    I do a lot of CPU rendering in Cinema 4D. I render 4K high-framerate animations, so they take a long time. Currently I have a bunch of mid 2010s laptops and a desktop hooked up and I use my own Python-based render manager to distribute workloads to each machine. Even with 7 laptops and the...
  3. T

    Question on SuperMicro H11SSW-iN and BPN-SAS3-826EL1 expander

    here's the question, and maybe it's obvious to some of you. i've got a 2U SuperMicro server with their SAS3 expander built-in. i installed an old stinky H11SSW-iN from ebay on it. (if you sold it to me, thanks!). no matter how I connect the cables, the motherboard (running a stinky old 7551P)...
  4. V

    Dell Epyc 7742 - unlock

    Managed to get two 7742 at a decent price. The issue is these are Dell, not the retail version. Couldn't find a solution, online, except getting a Dell system board. Anyone managed to make these work on a Supermicro/Asrock/Gigabyte motherboard?
  5. A

    GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 REV 1.1 with Epyc Rome / Milan

    I have a GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 rev 1.1 and I figure the only diffrence between the revisions of the board is the size of the SOP8 flash for the bigger BIOS. I bought some MX25L25645 flash chips to replace the original one and just... flash the revision 2 or 3 BIOS onto it to make Rome or even Milan...
  6. J

    ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T vs Supermicro H12SSL

    Good afternoon, I am planning on putting together a new, low core EPYC system (I need the PCIe lanes more than the cores) and I am currently contemplating whether I should go with another ASRock Rack board, the ROMED8-2T, or one of the Supermicro H12SSL-* ones (probably the -I as I have a spare...
  7. J

    WTB: 4x or 8x 32GB DDR4-3200 RDIMMs

    Good afternoon, was originally looking for an EPYC CPU + Ram, but I did get one of the CPUs for a somewhat reasonable price and now looking for RAM, ideally (= I am using them successfully in other systems) either Hynix HMA84GR7DJR4N-XN or Micron MTA36ASF4G72PZ-3G2 ones. If anyone has some to...
  8. bryan_v

    SSD NAS - Broadwell/Haswell vs Rome - Sanity check?

    Hey everyone, Need a quick sanity check, or maybe a math check: Which would be more cost effective platform for a SOHO SSD NAS/SAN attached to a 10G/40G switch via a Mellanox CX3: a used Broadwell platform with PCIe Gen3 drives (e.g. Intel P4510 or 905p, or Samsung 970 Evo Plus); or a used...
  9. J

    (SOLD) US - Brand New AMD Milan 7443P- $1595

    I finally received my order from Shopblt for the 7443P. I still have it in the box and have decided to sell. The cost including all fees and expedited fedex shipping is $1595. I can ship only to US and accept Paypal. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, jp
  10. E

    EPYC 3rd Gen, Resizable BAR support

    Can ‘Resizable BAR’ be enabled on EPYC Milan? I use EPYC 7443P on ROMED8-2T servers for broadcast video with RTX A6000 GPUs which support resizable BAR, but have not found a way to enable it in the BIOS. Is this even possible on EPYC? I have Zen3-based Ryzen systems on X570 boards which can...
  11. P

    Supermicro H12DSi-NT6 VS Gigabyte MZ72-HB0 rev. 3.0

    Hi fellow server enthusiasts :) I'm currently considering a new DP E-ATX server bord with Epyc milan support and I've narrowed down my options to: Supermicro H12DSi-NT6 Gigabyte MZ72-HB0 rev. 3.0 == The Gigabyte - seems to be a tiny bit older (it has the AST2500 BMC) - 5 instead of 6 PCIe 4.0...
  12. K

    EU [FS] ASUS ESC4000A-E10 2U quad gpu server

    pics: the boxes are still sealed, as soon as someone is seriously interested I will unbox them and take detailed pictures before payment price is 2800 2500 EUR (+ vat if are in individual in EU). This is not an individual sale, corporate invoice and warranty apply. 4 are available right now...
  13. L

    New to AMD processors - how to buy EPYC Rome?

    I've built several Intel servers but am now looking to build my first server using an AMD proc (EPYC Rome to be specific): 1) Is there any difference between box vs tray (ie, warranty)? 2) What's the scoop on the HPE kits I see on Provantage? Can these be used on Supermicro motherboards? 3)...
  14. F

    Possibly mismatching EPYC 7551 CPUs on a Supermicro H11DSi R2.0?

    Hi, I've recently ordered two EPYC 7551 (non-Dell) for a budget dual CPU build. After that I've came across this thread and particularly this post. Now I'm worried this won't run, since I'm unsure if I have matching part numbers. I've ordered everything in time, but the problem is I've messed up...
  15. K

    Thoughts on building a silent home storage and virtualization hot swap tower server

    I'd like to build a more powerful home server with hot swap. (What I have now is a Xeon E3-1226 (4c/4t) and 8 GiB RAM in a first generation Fractal Design Define. The reason that I have a separate server box in the first place is that I thought storing all documents on a server and accessing...
  16. K

    PCI SATA controllers and dummy unused ports on Linux

    Hi! My workplace bought a Supermicro server with a H11SSW-NT (EPYC) motherboard a year ago, and there's a small annoyance that I've been trying to find the cause for ever since: When Linux boots up and initializes the AMD FCH SATA controller, any empty drive bay results in a DUMMY ata port...
  17. H

    Monero XMR CPU hashrates 2021

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent setup for my 1st upcoming Monero mining rig (Dual Epyc etc), but the results I've gathered are based on Google results from 2018-2020 and they vary - a lot! My budget is around 1000-1400€. Patrick's last thread about Monero is from year 2018 and much have changed...
  18. C

    Dual EPYC 7742 H11DSi-NT Build

    Build Name: Big John OS: Fedora 33 Server (RIP: Centos) CPU: 2x AMD EPYC 7742 MB: Supermicro H11DSi-NT RAM: 16x NEMIX 8GB DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) ECC Registered RDIMM HD: 2x Micron 9300 Pro 3.84TB NVMe GPU: 4x NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3080 Founders Edition Case: Mountain Mods U2-UFO Gold Digger Case...
  19. M

    Supermicro H12SSL and SAS storage options

    Hi all Let me start out be saying that this is my first server build and I'm pretty overwhelmed by the storage options available on these boards. I guess I'm more of a software guy and could use some help. :) I'm building an AMD EPYC server for homelab use. It'll be running Proxmox so its...