1. N

    Linux based FreeNAS alternatives

    Poking around the internet looking for a NAS Distro to try. I was planning on going to FreeNAS Corral since it had Docker Integration...but we know how that went :( Seems like most people have gone to ZFS historically because it was more stable than BTRFS, but is that still the case today...
  2. Patrick

    How-to Guide Create a Proxmox VE 5.0 All-in-One with Docker

    This guide has how to create a KVM/ LXC virtualization host that also has Ceph storage and ZFS storage built-in. The same host will also have access to bare metal Docker-ce containers using Portainer as a GUI management. Video: Main site post: Create the Ultimate Virtualization and Container...
  3. Patrick

    Proxmox VE 5.0 and Docker with a Web GUI

    Heading off to sleep, but I think I have a project tomorrow that people are going to be interested in. We have had threads on Proxmox v. Docker and periodic threads on why not Proxmox and Docker. For a home lab proof of concept I now bring you: Docker running on Proxmox bare metal with a web...
  4. Patrick

    Monero Mining Docker Images - Intel Atom C2000, C3000 and KNL CPUs

    Just uploading Docker images for Intel Atom architecture based CPUs. These will follow a similar structure to others. I may eventually end up tagging them on the mainline or use tags for pools. Until then you can use these. So far it seems like Atom CPUs and Intel Knights Landing/ Xeon Phi x200...
  5. Patrick

    Docker Swarm Management with Rancher - Wow

    I ended up installing Rancher today. It took slightly longer than Portainer and Shipyard. It runs more services across the nodes and requires privileged mode. We It seems like there is a lot more going on here, but at the same time it is a "much" more mature option than Shipyard and Portainer...
  6. Patrick

    Zcash CPU Mining with Docker

    For those who want an easy way to mine Zcash (ZEC) using Docker here is a simple way to run a fairly optimized miner in Docker: Code: docker run -d -e servethehome/zec_cpu_nheq_minergate Replace with your minergate username. This Docker image...
  7. Patrick

    Docker Swarm Management with Portainer - Really Cool!

    For those who saw the Monero CPU Mining with Docker Swarm Mode post today, I decided to use that test cluster (coming down Friday) to try Portainer. I logged into the swarm manager node and ran: docker run -d -p 9000:9000 -v "/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock" portainer/portainer That...
  8. Patrick

    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with NVIDIA CUDA Docker

    Thank you to @Patriot $ sudo nvidia-docker run --rm nvidia/cuda nvidia-smi Using default tag: latest latest: Pulling from nvidia/cuda ba76e97bb96c: Pull complete 4d6181e6b423: Pull complete 4854897be9ac: Pull complete 4458f3097eef: Pull complete 9989a8de1a9e: Pull complete 97b9fecc40a9: Pull...
  9. Patrick

    Dockercon 2016: Zenly

    Did anyone see this? I watched the talk live. Zenly + Docker 1.12 + 1M teenagers One of the few small shops I have heard talk about moving early bare metal due to costs/ performance.
  10. Patrick

    Docker for Windows - Get excited

    Docker has betas of both Docker for OS X as well as Docker for Windows. Macs were running every Docker team demo at the Dockercon 16 keynote today, however, there are a lot of us using Windows for newer hardware. The Windows version requires Hyper-V which is nice since you do not need...
  11. E

    Somewhat highly available cluster

    Another post here today got me thinking about a project a friend of mine asked me about... Somewhat highly available system that will be I think a web server... He has 2 (and could get a 3rd) Intel NUC (nuc5ppyh I believe). Has low requirements and they have 250gb Ssd and 8gb. How would you...