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    Firewall Appliance QuadCore, 6GB RAM, PCIe - Sophos XG

    Hi guys, as the range of Qotoms, Zotacs, etc has a very vast breath by now, I'd like to know what appliances you are using for your firewall builds. More specifically, the appliance I'm scouting shall serve as stand-alone device together with a virtualized copy of Sophos XG. As the Home version...
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    WTB - 1U pfsense box (supermicro?)

    I'm not entirely certain what the model / name / specs are for this, but I recall seeing these pop up from time to time. I thought there was a recent post as well with several of these machines, but I'm not finding it. Apologies if I'm overlooking something. I'm looking for a 1U pfsense...