8x 2.5" cage

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    Am I doing this right?

    Hello all of you amazing people. First of, let me just thank you for ALL of the help you guys have provided already, it's truly fantastic how much I've learned from you guys and how well you've explained everything I've needed to know! I'm creating a NAS for my business, and I've found a...
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    EU SOLD: Supermicro CSE-M28SAB-OEM 2x 5.25 8x 2.5" cage w/ caddies

    ALL GONE Selling some Supermicro CSE-M28SAB-OEM SFF Drive cages for unused fullsize 5.25 slots. The cages are fanless and are straight through to two SFF8087 connectors, thus SAS3/SATA3 compatible. I used them to upgrade NAS-purposed tower servers, which have by now either been retired or...