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    EU WTS - Synology DX510 - 2 Units - 1 with 5 2TB Disk & 1 Diskless

    Hello All I have just moved from a Synology system to UNRAID so no longer need my Synology system. I am therefore selling my 2 DX510 units. Unit 1 - £499 DX510 and 10TB storage - 5 x 2TB Disks - These disks are Samsung HD204UI - 2010/11 in date and all show fine under the Synology system...
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    WTB: 5x 10/12/14+TB HDD

    Hi, Looking to buy 5x drives for a small TB3 NAS project. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on a nightly data-backup program to move windows folders from one TB3 NAS to another TB3 NAS. Thanks! PM with any $$$ for drives (SATA
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    HGST 10TB He10 and Intel 200GB S3700

    ***Closed*** I’ve negotiated another round of deals with Michael. He’d prefer selling through his site as to avoid steep fleabay fees. All items are guaranteed and protected through your preferred purchasing mechanism. HGST 10TB HC510 - ~100hrs runtime @ $179/ea We can use code STHHDD to...
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    HGST 10TB He10 and Intel 200GB S3700

    Sorry for the delays, but we're back with some exclusives: x250 - HGST 10TB HC510 - ~100hrs runtime @ $179/ea Use code STHHDD to receive $40 off per drive. These are open box 4Kn drives at an excellent price! Please be sure your equipment is compatible. The code will also work on the 512e...
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    SOLD eBay: HGST 10Tb SAS3 512e He10 (HUH721010AL5200)($174.99+5.7 shipping, 4 available, new(other))

    HGST 0F27397 Internal Hard Drive 10TB 3.5" SAS 12GB/s 7200RPM | eBay