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    EU [FS] SAS2 HBAs, 16-32GB RDIMMs (2133P - 2400T), E5 v3 CPUs

    Hi, I've got a few parts for sale as follows: DDR4 RDIMMS from a server park upgrade, Memtest ran on these for 100 hours without any error: 32GB 2666V DIMMs, 78EUR each: 20x MICRON MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G6 REG ECC 32GB 2Rx4 PC4 2666V 1x SAMSUNG M393A4K40BB2-CTD DDR4 REG ECC 32GB 2Rx4 PC4 2666V...
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    EU 3TB HGST Ultrastar HDDs for 55EUR

    Hitachi HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 3TB HUS724030ALS640 0B26886 3,5" SAS2 64MB 7200RPM | eBay They look reasonably cheap, if they are really new - listed as "new other".
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    EU HP 300GB SAS 10k 2.5" @15 EUR OBO

    Hi there, I have a few HP SAS drives for sale, all tested, taken from a working environment. No bad sectors, extended SMART test and badblocks passed on all of them. All of them are HP branded Seagates or Hitachi Ultrastars. EG0300FBDSP x8 EG0300FBVFL x14 EG0300FCSPH x2 Power-on times are...
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    EU 16GB DDR4 Samsung RDIMMS - 2133MHz - 12 pcs -

    Hello there, I've got a few DDR4 16GB sticks for sale, pulled from a working environment. 12x SAMSUNG M393A2G40DB0-CPB, 2Rx4 2133MHz datasheet Asking price is 109 EUR / DIMM, the more you buy the bigger the discount. I'll have some more after 21th July. Shipping is around 10-40EUR to EU...
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    EU 8GB DDR3 RDIMMS - 1333MHz

    Hi there, I have a few DDR3 ECC modules for sale, all tested, taken from a working environment. Samsung 8GB M393B1K70CH0-CH9Q5 1333MHz 38pcs Hynix 8GB HMT31GR7BFR4C 1333MHz 12pcs Asking price is 16 EUR / DIMM NANYA NT8GC72B4NB1NK-CG 1333MHz 80pcs Asking price for the Nanya is 15 EUR /...