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    Running Fiber in my house.

    So I am planning to running some fiber in my house to connect a switch in the basement to a switch on the 2nd floor. I have found a suitable path through the house and plan to use pre-terminated multimode fiber. This is the cable i am considering. Fiber Optic Assembly | Pre-terminated Fiber...
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    Best way to connect my switches (should i bridge or not)

    So the main wisdom is not to bridge unless you have not other option. However the other thought is not to cascade switches unless you need to since if the first switch fails you lose both switches. My hardware: XG-7100 Netgate firewall Unifi US-16-XG Switch (16 port 10G switch) Unifi Switch...
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    Headless Crashplan no longer works with Crashplan upgrade to 4.3

    So I have been running crashplan headless on my OmniOS file server and use the client on my Windows box to communicate to it. Well today I rebooted my windows box and apparently the windows client upgraded to 4.3. It appears that 4.3 client can not talk to the 4.2 server on the OmnisOS. Okay...
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    Expand rpool in OmniOS on vmware guest

    So I have omnios installed on a VMWare guest. rpool is a mirrored pool. I need to expand it, in searching for the best way to do this I came across this. How to Increase rpool in OmiOS VMware Guest Without a Mirror » Nemtallah Daher's Notes | Nemtallah Daher's Notes My concern is two items...
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    Server error testing if I can post new thread here.

    I can create new threads, was able to respond to a thread. This is to see if I can create a new one in a different forum.
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    Poor SMB Performance

    I had posted this to [H] forums while servethehome was down but got hardly any responses. So below are the posts I put on [H]. Ok so background on setup first. I have an all-in-one ESXi setup using ZFS for a SAN as a guest machine. I have 2 Server 2012 guest machines on the host.(each with 2...
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    Performance drop after adding another vdev.

    I had a pool consisting of 6 mirrors (12 drives total). I added two more drives ie one more mirrored vdev to the pool. After doing that I ran bonnie and noticed that both my reads and writes were about half what they were prior to adding the drives. Is this speed drop due to ZFS putting a...
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    Issue with setting Windows permissions on ZFS smb share

    If I try to change the acl of a zfs share within windows even as a windows admin. I get the error on the security tab of "The requested security information is either unavailable or can't be displayed" If I change the ACL to default within Solaris from the command line using "chomd A- " on...
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    Issues with ESXi mounting NFS share

    So I have had an All-in-One system running for over 6 months without issue and then about a month ago I started getting an issue with esxi losing connection to the ZFS nfs share. Now about this time I had been experimenting with Jumbo Frames and a few other network tweaks. I reverted my...
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    ZFS and Crashplan

    I have a OI+nappit setup with Crashplan installed on OI for cloud backup of my zfs pool. Everything works great except after reboot. So basically before reboot Crashplan will report that everything is backed up. After reboot it will show that less than 25% is backed up and will proceed to...
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    ZFS Snaps and Crashplan

    So I have Crashplan running on my OI+Nappit setup for offsite backups. I also have ZFS setup for automatic snaps. Problem is I think crashplan sees these snaps as something to backup, I have not been able to confirm this other than it will get a decent chunk to backup after a snap is taken...
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    Tuning OI cifs?

    I am new to OI and was wondering if it is possible to tune the kernel cifs for zfs shares? Particularly is it possible to set TCP_NODELAY for cifs? My iSCSI performance numbers with this zfs box are 320MB/s reads and writes, but from the same machine with smb the reads are 80MB/s and...