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    WTB 3 or 4 8tb 3.5inch drives

    Hi I'm in search of 8tb drives for a good price. I was looking at Unixsurplus on ebay and was thinking of getting 3 or 4 of their HGST drives for 99 a piece, but I'd prefer to buy from someone on the forum if possible. Thanks, and I hope everyone is safe.
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    WTB Case / Memory for Rangely motherboard

    Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a small rackmount chassis for my Rangely motherboard . The suggested chassis is SC504-203B but I'd honestly be happy with anything supermicro and can fit the mini itx board I'm also looking for a couple of gigs of DDR3 ECC Sodimms for the board Any help...
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    MSI's Raid m2 NVME with extra Sata port Pcie card

    MSI Demos Prototype Hybrid Storage Card: M.2 & 2.5” SATA on a PCIe Card I found this very interesting, and would really like something like this, but perhaps with less of a gamer's bend to it. Has anyone seen anything like this? Thanks Marsh
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    Why have SATA SSD improvements stalled?

    Hi Everyone... It's just a thought that has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Sequential Speeds obviously have saturated the bus at this point in time, but I'm wondering why we havnen't seen random read / write operations getting closer to saturating the bus. It seems to me that is a much...
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    HP A5800-48G 197$

    Hi All. I saw this on a Reddit post, and thought that it might be perfect for people on here. HP A5800-48G Switch * JC105A * TESTED WARRANTY | eBay Let me know what you think! Marshall
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    WTB: Cheap APC network card

    Hi There I'm interested in purchasing a cheap network card for my 2u APC ups. THe model of the ups is Dla1500rm. Thanks! Marshall
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    upgrading from TP5 to RTM

    Hello, just a quick question: If i start learning 2016 tp5 will I be able to do an in place upgrade to the final release, or will I have to do a clean install. I don't want to get a setup working well just to have to destroy it and re-create it in a month. Thanks Marsh
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    Replace fans in supermicro hotswap fan housing.

    Hello all. I was wondering if it was possible to replace the fans in a supermicro hotswap housing. I'd like to keep the stock hotswap arrangement, but change out the fans themselves for something more quiet since my cooling requirements aren't as high. I have an SC826 chassis which has 3...
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    FS: Misc Cpu's and Supermicro Parts

    Hey Everyone. I've got a bunch of Supermicro parts and some CPU's that I'd like to get rid of. I'm not trying to make a profit off of these, but I don't want to get screwed. I honestly don't know what most of these parts are worth so everything is best offer. I'll put some prices on them to...
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    FS : Matched Pair of X5650's

    Hi Everyone, I'm selling off my beloved 5650's They are just too hot and use up to much power to justify it for my needs. 140 shipped Thanks Marshall
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    Connecting 3 ESXI hosts for High Speed Networking

    Hi There. I've been debating between Infiniband, and 10G Ethernet. I know that I can connect my 3 hosts together for vMotion and vSan over infiniband without a switch. Is it possible to do the same thing with 10g Ethernet? I'm looking at at some point getting an LB6m or some other 10g switch...
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    FS/FT Just want to get rid of these supermicro power supplies

    Hi All So I have a 920w and a 1400w Supermicro power supply (from the 2u servers.) I replaced them with SQ models. I honestly would love to trade them for something interesting, but I'm not sure what. I'm truly up for anything. Thx, Marshall
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    WTB:L5630's FT: X5650's

    Hi Guys. I have a pair of x5650's that are way to0 much cpu for my needs (heat wise.) Would anyone be interested in trading the pair for 6 L5630's? It seems like it would be an even trade based on ebay prices. Thanks Marshall
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    supermicro sq power supply 1280w $59

    SuperMicro PWS-1K28P-SQ 1U 1280W Redundant Single Output Power Supply Qty Avail
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    Seagate Constellation.2 Strange Chirping

    Hey Everyone. Just got 10 Seagate Constellation.2 drives and they work well so far. Smart shows no issues what so ever with the drives, but I'm hearing a chriping noise coming from them. When the drives are sitting relatively idle for a while, and then become active, the drives chirp (it...
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    PFsense OpenVPN to separate subnet but Firewall Passed to main subnet

    Hello I currently have a working TAP OpenVPN setup with PFsense. The clients are being connected to my main subnet I'd like for them to be able to connect to a different subnet ( but still have full access to the 1.0 subnet. I'd like for them to get DHCP...
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    FS:Price Drop Supermicro Power supply and Parts and Silent Modded SE3016

    I have for sale 1 Supermicro Platinum Power Supply - PSW-920P-1R - NOW 90$ obo 2 Supermicro 4u 1366 heatsinks with Fans - P0040AP4 - NOW 40$ obo for the pair 2 Supermicro 2u 1366 passive heatsinks. 30$ obo for the pair 1 Norco Long Profile 8087-8088 adapter bracket - 25$ 2 Supermicro 8087 - 8087...
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    FT: Supermicro Heatsinks and PCI full height brackets

    Was curious if anyone was interested in trading 2 supermicro 4u heatsinks lga1366 with fans (new but opened) for a pair of 2u 1366 heatsinks. I also have a M1015 hba card and a intel 4 port nic I need to swap with low profile brackets. Thanks Marshall
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    Ubiquti's new AC access points

    Just thought you all would be interested in hearing that Ubiquiti just came out with their next gen AC access points. As far as I can tell, these aren't Wave 2 ap's. Ubiquiti Networks - UniFi AC Their MSRP's are Lite $89, LR $109, Pro $149, EDU $399 Funny enough I was just practicing spinning...
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    Rackable SE3016 lights

    Has anyone had issues with the activity lights being extremely dim? Thanks Marshall