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    When do you upgrade to save on power?

    I've had a R510 for about 3 years. It's a 12-bay that's fully populated with a mish-mash of 2-14TB drives (and a couple of 2.5" SSDs), a single X5670, and 12GB of RAM. It's actually way more power than I need for running Drivepool and Plex (no transcoding), but it's a nice 2U form factor (I...
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    Replacement for Mellanox ConnectX-2 10Gb NIC

    I just have a single server, a Dell R510 running Server 2016, and a desktop linked by a pair of Mellanox ConnectX-2 10Gb NICs. No switch. The NIC in my desktop just failed, so I am looking for a replacement. These cards have always been just a little wonky for me, forcing me to disable/enable...
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    Replacing 8TB WD WD80EFAX - 14TB Exos X16 ST14000NM001G?

    The timing of this drive's failure isn't too timely as I just missed the Black Friday 14TB Easystore deals. I have a shucked WD80EFAX that is out of warranty and it continues to degrade in my R510. 14TB drives seem to give the best $/TB ratio right now, and ServerPartDeals on ebay is selling...
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    Anyone have a problem with BitDeals Tech?

    Back on April 15, I ordered 3 drives from I noticed the banner at the top of their page said they were prioritizing orders for COVID-19 related businesses and organizations. On the 21st I asked if they had an update or an estimate for when my order might ship, as I had not heard...
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    Max drive size for flashed Dell H310 HBA?

    My Dell R510 server is growing, and I'm planning to add another drive (using DrivePool w/duplication). Looks like the 14TB EasyStores are the best bang for the buck when they're at $180. Anyway, the biggest drive I have in the server right now is an 8TB. I've seen some running 10TB, but...
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    Decent KVM switch?

    I have a couple of R510s in a rack, and I'm looking for a decent KVM switch. Don't need anything fancy, but 4 ports might be nice if I ever expand. Does not need to be rack mountable as I have a wooden shelf for my monitor and keyboard that I can just mount it to. I'm considering one of the...
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    Server Rack: DIY or buy?

    I have a few pieces of gear that are rack mountable, including a couple of Dell R510s. Servicing the servers to swap out or reseat components is getting to be a pain with where they are situated in my basement. I also have a rackmountable Unifi switch and a power conditioner that would look...
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    Unifi UAP AC Pro DOA?

    I picked up one of these to replace my Verizon G1100's built in WiFi. I have a second 1Gb switch plugged into the G1100, and the Ubiquiti PoE adapter plugged into one of those ports. The AP boots up and goes solid white, so I think I'm ready to go, but the controller (installed on my server)...
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    Suggestion on another Dell R510

    A year and a half ago I built my first NAS on an 8-bay R510 with an H200 flashed to IT mode, running SnapRAID and Drivepool. It has worked great so far. My backup server, an HP N40L microserver, recently took a dump, so I'm looking to upgrade. I thought I might go for a 12 bay R510 now. Not...
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    WD 8TB EasyStore - $150

    They're back. Both in store and on ebay with free shipping. In store: ebay: WD - easystore® 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black 718037856124 | eBay
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    8TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro - $199

    Was planning on shucking another 8TB EasyStore, but saw these on Amazon for $199 this morning. According to the Camelizer, this is as cheap as they've been: Good price for a fast SATA drive with a 5 year warranty.
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    USB enclosure suggestions

    I have an R510 as my NAS with an assortment of 2-3TB drives that are pooled with Drivepool and protected with SnapRAID. It's only about half full (8TB) but that means my 8TB USB backup drive is just about full when I mirror the NAS. I'm considering an external 4-bay USB enclosure to attach to...