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    H12SSL-NT quirks - toasty LAN SoC + no Redfish access

    I recently got a H12SSL-NT with the dual 10GbE LAN provided by Broadcom BCM57416. What I've noticed is that even when the motherboard power is OFF, the LAN heatsink is a toasty 65C ~ 68C. The motherboard is now in an Antec P10 Flux case and with a couple of fans, the temps go down to 54C but...
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    How's the Netgear XS724EM ?

    Looking to replace my ICX6610 with a multi-gig switch. I have a mix of 10GbE, 10G SFP and 2.5G connections - and also the need for PoE. Since "cheap" Multi-Gig switches are so tough to find - was looking at XS724EM from Netgear Does anyone have any experience with these? It's a L2 switch and no...
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    Confused about Micron 5100 performance with LSI2308 & ESXi passthru

    Got 4 x HPE branded Micron 5100 Eco SSDs and 4 x standard Micron 5100 Eco's - all 7.68 TB. I have been testing these and get different results on the LSI2308 vs on a normal Intel SATA port. I've been struggling to find benchmarks for the 5100 Eco's to compare against. What I've found is that...
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    Prime Day - 4TB SSD SATA 2.5" WD Blue (TLC 3D NAND) for $370

    As the title says - WD's 3D NAND (TLC and not QLC) 4TB SSD. Sure it's SATA but it's going to be better than the Samsung 4TB QLC SSDs It's a prime day deal so probably will be around for ~ 24 hours
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    Smallest motherboard with 5x SATA for a 5* 2.5" NAS build

    What is the smallest motherboard with 5x SATA headers and a PCIe slot? I'm looking for a processor/motherboard combo for a compact NAS build - I now have 5 x 2.5", 8TB SSDs for a compact NAS with either Windows Server/DrivePool or Linux/Btrfs I looked at the Helios64 project (Kobol - Helios64...
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    5100 Micron with HPE firmware - can I reflash with stock Micron?

    I have a 5100 Micron 7.68TB that's a HPE drive - p/n VK007680GWHTD. The firmware on it is HPG0. Is there any benefit to flashing it to stock Micron firmware - if in fact that is even possible? The date of mfr is 2017, but it looks like the drive has not been used at all
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    WTB [US] Norco RPC-432 or similar 4U short depth chassis

    As the title says, looking for a Norco RPC-432 4U chassis to replace my RPC-4308. I'm moving off the 5x4TB RAID / DrivePool array and would like a chassis that has front fans and more cooling - and something that can accommodate longer graphics cards Unfortunately, due to limited rack depth, I...
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    GBASE-T transceivers performance with NBASE-T - Marvell 88x3300 v/s Aquantia AQS-107

    I've been testing GBASE-T transceivers from Ipolex, Wiitek and Aquantia. The endpoints are connected to a variety of USB based 2.5GbE and 5GbE NICs, as well as a couple of Macs with TB3 based 10GbE NICs. The RJ45 runs are < 30m and are connected to a ICX-6610 switch. In order to get > 1GbE over...
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    Samsung 983 DCT 1.9TB - how good of a deal for $200?

    Someone's offering the 983 DCT 1.9TB for $200. The drive has 39TB written and I saw from the specs it has a 5 year/2800 TBW warranty. The firmware is EDA5202Q. The use case is adding storage to my ESXi homelab (currently it has a 1TB Samsung 970 Evo) Is this a good deal? I'm aware that the...
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    50 GbE ConnectX-4 LX for $159

    I’ve been searching for CX-4 LX cards - CX3 cards will work in ESXi 6.7 or 7.0 but won’t do SR-IOV. And CX-4 dual cards are expensive + twice the wattage compared to CX-4 LX. I found this one on eBay for $159. It’s from someone I’ve purchased before and actually known on STH for HP CX3 cards...
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    PoE and 36 AWG patch cables ?

    I have a network rack where I use Cat 6 36AWG patch cables from Monoprice: Micro SlimRun Patch Cable. The run from the patch panel to the switch is 2 feet. Monoprice specs these cables at < 87.6 ohm/km, I've seen some 26 AWG cables at 90 ohm/km Would these cables be safe for PoE? I have 3 *...
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    [Amazon] 10Gbase-T Copper SFP for $40 with 5% off

    Amazon is offering the Ipolex 10G SFP+ module ( ) for $41 with a 5% discount, taking it to $39. I have one of these on my ICX-6610 and it will do 10 GbE over Cat5E if it's a short run. Note that the 5%...
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    (UPDATE: see below on FAN control) (UPDATE#2: see section on GPU passthrough) (UPDATE#3: SlimSAS 8i to 2 * U.2 cable now available from Tyan) (UPDATE#4: Solution for blank BIOS) I've started on my home-lab, hyperconverged build to replace my old NAS server, gaming PC and workstation. I decided...
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    ESXi 7.0: 983 DCT or 970 EVO Plus? Or then what is a good NVMe SSD for homelab?

    I have a Tyan S8030 motherboard with 2 NVMe 22110 slots that I will be using for an ESXi 7.0 homelab. I was thinking of putting a NVMe drive for the ESXi 7.0 boot partition + one of the data stores. Would the 970 Evo Plus 1TB be a good idea? Or would it be better to put something like a 983 DCT...
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    CX3 with ESXi 7 & Windows Server 2019

    The ConnectX-3 is EOS (end of support) since the beginning of 2020. Has anyone gotten it working with ESXi or Windows Server 2019 in Ethernet mode? I read on the VMware forums that people got it working on ESXi 6.7 with drivers from 6.5. I’m wondering if the same is possible with ESXi 7.0 -...
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    Cheap 16-core build with IPMI: what's possible currently?

    Trying to build a modern (TRX40, x570, PCIe 4.0 etc) 16-core rackmounted server for my home lab and network and would welcome input. The setup would run ESXi and/or Hyper-V & Storage Spaces, several Linux VMs - the bonus being if it is able to run a Windows 10 VM with a GPU for passthrough (to...
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    Supermicro PCI Slot clip

    I have a used Supermicro CSE-512 chassis that I got off ebay and I am using it with an add-in PCIe card on a riser. The back of the card should have a PCI Slot clip - to keep the card from moving. I cannot seem to find a spare for this anywhere - anyone know what this part P/N is?