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    PFsense and PS4 issues

    I’m trying to get my PS4 to have a better NAT as it’s preventing me from participating in the Gundam Battle Operations online games. Since the PFSense box I’m using has 4 ports and most of the examples I’ve found for doing this, use some sort of non-192.168.1.XXX net. So I set up one of the 4...
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    AES-NI Firewall vs Computer CPU AES-NI Question

    So since most people at my company are working from home, one question was what if anything could be done to improve VPN performance. I built about 2 yrs ago a PFSense firewall which does have AES-NI support. From what I can tell the AES-NI should be getting used without there needing to be...
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    Should I bother with fiber between floors?

    I want to set up a 10 GbE connection between my upstairs and downstairs, it's not a long distance, probably 15'-20' max. I have some CAT 5e cables already run, but both my upstairs and downstairs switches are SFP+ for their 10 GbE connections. Given price and power requirements of the SFP+...
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    Is there a different POE injector required for a 2.5 GBE connection?

    I have a Ruckus 750 AP and I'm looking at getting the low end managed zytel multi-gig switch. I have been powering the Ruckus wt a POE injector, but it occurred to me that it might not work at 2.5gbe speeds and some searching seems to indicate this is an issue for at least 10/100 vs 1gbe. From...
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    Ruckus R600 post-setup problems

    So I am trying to replace my old Netgear R7000 with a combination of a PFsense firewall (a Qotom fanless box) and Ruckus R600 AP. Once this issue is resolved I might need some further tips on how exactly to set things up. In particular the best place to hook up the AP to the Qotom (it has 4...
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    WiFi Access point recommendations?

    My old netgear router is starting to get flaky. The WiFi 6/Ax stuff does not seem to be ready for prime time yet, but I suspect will be here in another year or so, so I don't want to get anything terribly expensive. I have a dedicated PFsense box I was planning to use as firewall in any case...
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    Newegg $800 Refurb HP 40gbe SFP 32 port switch

    The 40gbe stuff is outside of my experience, but a quick google search was turning up the same unit at about x2 the price minimum. But the price is pretty decent even for 10 gbe. You do not appear to need to be a newsletter subscriber.
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    First time FreeNAS config help

    So I have a x10sdv-7tp4f that I'm using for the motherboard. Two 32gb samsung thumb drives mirrored for boot. I have four of the 8tb Red HDDs for the primary mass storage. Two samsung 843 960 gb, intended for the "Fast" portion of storage. Misc collection of SSDs (250 gb 960 evo, 256 gb 840...
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    Not getting 10gbe Speeds

    I'm building a new NAS for my home network with a X10SDV-7TP8F running FreeNAS. I picked up a Chelsio T520-SO-CR for my hackintosh/windows machine and it's functioning on both OS of the hackintosh. However, I don't seem to be able to get 10 GBE performance fully on windows or OSX. OSX seems...
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    SandDisk Cloudspeed 1000 not seen

    Picked up a pair of refurb 480gb drives from newegg and attached them to a X10SDV-7TP4F, but they are not being seen at boot by either the the native SATA ports or the LSI raid built in. I normally have them in a 6 bay SATA cage, but swapping bays or connecting them directly doesn't change...