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    Is it just me?

    I have a .net domain and for the past week the script kiddy and dos attacks are 4x what they were prior to that. Unsophisticated and ineffectual, but annoying. Anyone else seeing this in their IDS logs?
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    Security section

    There really isn't a forum for security and identity management. If we don't figure out how to do it from home, google, ms, fb, and amazon will pown us. What do y'all think.
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    Notification email when post is removed

    It would be courteous to notify a member when one of their posts is removed. Including the reason would assist the member in understanding what boundaries he/she crossed so it could be avoided in the future.
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    Roblox down

    My sons are 8 & 9 and are avid Roblox players. It has been down worldwide for two days due to an "internal systems error". I first thought they were hacked, but now I think it is their internal DNS (it's always DNS). What is your bet? BTW, external game devs made $325M last year, so if it is...
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    SSDs with plp?

    Any recommendations for ssds with power loss prevention? I am not finding this information. As an aside, storage review has gone in the sewer.
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    Thank you all

    I just want to thank everyone here. I just swapped in pfSense in a hyper-v VM for my R7000p router. What a difference that makes. I have it running on my X9SRA and it maxes out my upstream and downstream bandwidth (35 up, 300 down, speed test 335 down 37 up) while hardly breaking a sweat (1...
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    PKI in home(lab?)

    Who here is running full pki in their home? I have my own standalone offline root with online subordinate servers in my sandbox. The offline root is a vm on a rw dvd that lives in my safe deposit box outside of when I have to bring it back for root certificate refresh every 2 years...
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    Forced Unit Access, plp

    This is one of those questions that I find answered with a remarkable degree of uncertainty. FUA (forced unit access) is a flag for a write to stable media on a disk drive. One would think persistent cache (battery backed or capacitor backed) would qualify as stable, but over the decades of...
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    x9Da7, Windows 2019 - nightmare (SOLVED)

    I have a x9da7 which I have been running for 7 years (18 months since last reboot). I decided to move it from 2012R2 to ws2019. It has been a challenging day. Since I was moving to 2019, I decided to upgrade the bios to current just to to avoid spectre, .... even though the system is double...
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    Preferred 2 socket current Intel Gen based board?

    Ok, It's time for me to put a new cluster in the HO (ho, ho, green giant). The primary node need to be dual socket and capable of running the top bin of current Intel procs - (E5 v4, I'm not dealing with the metals until venture cap hits). I'll probably fit it with 512GB ram. Preferably 2...