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    New Product: Mikrotik Routerboard CSS326-24G-2S+RM

    Well I noticed this on the site today: : CSS326-24G-2S+RM Great price for a basic L2 24 port GigE + 2x 10Gb SFP+ switch that'll handle simple functions. If you aren't doing any L3 or LACP this should be a great low power option. I use their RB260GS (also runs...
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    ESXi AIO(OmniOS+Napp-It)+FC Shared Storage=Different home lab

    So this is my slightly different take on the AIO. I didn't go entirely AIO, just used the principle to save some power overall. Coming from what I was using i saved 450W at idle. First, the rack: Top to bottom: Brocade SilkWorm 200e 16 Port FC Switch Quanta LB4M 4x Rackable ESXi nodes...
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    STEC Mach16 50Gb SLC, ZIL Hidden Jem?

    So i picked up a pair of 50Gb STEC Mach16 SLC drives (model m16isd2-50ucu) for $60/each on ebay for use as a ZIL to get me by until I had some more cash for a pair of Intel S3700's. I figured they would be okay, but not super fast. Turns out I was wrong! Benchmarking from within a VM (over...
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    supermicro h9skv-420? 4 core 2ghz?

    Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Aplus Products | Motherboards | H9SKV-420 Anyone ever used this board before? Seems like it could make an interesting little server board. The supermicro os chart shows it has good linux compatability. The i210 nic's will work with esxi, I wonder if the sata...
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    interesting quanta switch 48x gbe 4x sfp+

    Quanta QSSC LB410GS LB4G 48 Port GbE Switch 10Gbps Uplink Interfaces | eBay I think we need to keep an eye out for these on ebay. Potentially a killer home lab switch. Pretty much a lb4m with 4x sfp+ interfaces. 1 10gb for your desktop 1 10gb for fileserver/shared storage 2 10gb for 2 esxi...
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    HP S6500 8 Node Chassis

    Anyone have anything good/bad to say about the s6500 chassis? The prices are getting pretty good on ebay as of late, and you can get a sl390s G7 node w/ 10Gb network (or IB) for a great price.
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    Quanta LB4M 48xGbE 2x SFP+ & 10Gb Optics $173USD

    Quanta LB4M HP Brocade Open Source Switch 90 Day Warranty 100 Tested | eBay I ordered 2, they forgot to ship my SFP+ modules with the switches. When I contacted them they shipped them very quickly. Very good customer service.
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    Post your HOME VMWare ESXi Setup

    4 nodes: Rackable 1U Dual Xeon L5420 16GB ECC Q-Logic QLE-2460 Fibre Channel Adapter ESXi 5.0U3 No local Disks, Boot from SAN Storage Server: HP DL380 G2 16GB ECC HP P400 (4x 72GB SAS RAID10 for boot drive) LSI SAS3801E (external SAS storage) LSI SAS 9122-8i (controller for internal SSD's)...