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    Broadcom Agrees to Purchase VMware Shaking Up the Industry

    Did CA take under Broadcom? Broadcom's strategy reminds me of bottom feeding CA's: the place where technology goes to die.
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    Parents of STH - what is/are your solution(s) for Internet management with kids?

    I sort of did the same, but with a moderate stick. I run snort as my IDS. My oldest (now 10, but at the time 8) wanted get on discord (I really don't like discord content). Rather than block it, I put in a snort rule that disabled his internet access if he visited discord and did it...
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    Running from DC (48V up to 60V), pico-psu (DC-ATX) considerations, alternatives.

    I would suggest a higher capacity UPS over going to DC. You are likely to lose any efficiency gained by DC to the isolation circuitry required in your devices' DC power supplies.
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    Recommend some Samsung Enterprise M.2s?

    Why Samsung? You cannot get firmware updates for enterprise drives from Samsung.
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    a site copies STH's post?

    ooh, that is bad behavior
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    From spinners to SSD

    I agree with Evan: you need to look at the SQL Server stats to determine if upgrading the storage will make a difference. I also do perfmon logs so over time so I can see how the hardware is being used at differents points in the day. The biggest performance gains I have made have always come...
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    Shoehorning Duallies (2xE5-2696V3)

    2CPU was fun in its day.
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    NTFS Volume Cluster Size Limitations

    Tree access times degrade with depth due to iterative searching. To keep access times acceptable, larger size storage pools require bigger cluster sizes to keep the tree search iterations down. Higher bus and memory bandwidth assuage loading the larger blocks. Same thing occurred in memory...
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    Strange item on this HP motherboard

    I use it everywhere I can, zero trust.
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    Strange item on this HP motherboard

    Bothering to know what it does and take advantage of it will do some good. This is not the internet of the early 90's. It is way more hostile than it was 5 years ago, and I am not talking about social media.
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    Strange item on this HP motherboard

    Linux fully supports TPM. A good overview is here: Trusted Computing » Linux Magazine
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    Strange item on this HP motherboard

    True, I find very few homes with their own certificate authority. I hope you aren't self signing your certs.
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    Strange item on this HP motherboard

    A TPM is a hardware root of trust. It is necessary for securely booting a system and preventing boot root kits (ensures firmware validity). This is true regardless of the operating system you choose to load on your system. This is very basic security knowledge.
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    Is it just me?

    Domain. I also host a couple of web sites, but the script kiddies are hitting the ip with the usual dumb password attacks on ssh which isn't exposed. I expect to get hit by the script kiddies about 4 to 8 times a day, lately it has gone up to 12 to 20 times. The sites are getting hit with...
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    Is it just me?

    I have a .net domain and for the past week the script kiddy and dos attacks are 4x what they were prior to that. Unsophisticated and ineffectual, but annoying. Anyone else seeing this in their IDS logs?
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    Tyan BIOS Updates

    I stopped using HPE in my home when updates went behind a paywall. HPE puts the Proprietary in ISS.
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    Tyan BIOS Updates

    I have been making a decision between an SM h12 vs the Tyan 8030 tomcat. SM has always been responsive with support requests and they supplied bios updates for spectre on obsolete boards. Your post just deep sixed the Tyan board for me, as I usually get 8 years out of each server cycle and...
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    Superbowl Whole Hog - My First

    Just came across this thread. My bbq background is eastern NC and whole hog rules there. We have pig pickings there and at the good ones the meat doesn't get chopped, just a bunch of sharp knives get stuck in it. When ever you feel hungry, you just wander over and carve out a piece - picking...
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    "New" 10Gb NIC for M.2 Slot

    I hate those: "why is my forehead flat" moments.