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    Question about Brocade ICX6450-24P, pfsense, and licensing

    Hi all! I'm interested in getting the Brocade ICX6450-24p as part of a pfsense build for my home network and have a few questions: I've seen a user on here who is giving away keys for this switch, is that all legal? Is this a good switch for running pfsense if I want VLANs? What kind of Noctua...
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    Network setup and gear help

    Thank you for the reply! Is the NIC that I have listed (Intel I350-T4) overkill? If so the Intel Pro 1000PT looks great! Also, if I wanted to have a fileserver in the setup, would the 1000PT still be a good NIC or would the I350-T4 be a better option?
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    Network setup and gear help

    Hi all! I'm looking to get rid of my current AIO and go with a more managed approach to the home network. Here is what I'm thinking of doing: I have three questions for the parts list: While the Intel I350T4V2 NIC looks great, is it overkill for what I'm wanting to do? I want to make sure...