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    [FS] 2 ICX6610-48P switches

    I am in DFW, Texas. Prices will be lower for local pickup. I have 2 ICX6610-48P switches that I'm selling. I don't need that many ports anymore as everything in the house is wireless, save for the servers and a couple PCs. Both have: dual PSU dual fan rackmount ears reasonably recent firmware...
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    all gone!

    Poweredges are all sold. I'll make a new thread for the switch. I am located in DFW, Texas. I have 4 Dell PowerEdge R220's for sale. All servers have 32gb RAM, and an iDrac add-on card. All servers boot up and operate correctly with no issues. Unless noted, the chassis is in good shape...
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    ICX6610 40gbe breakout port to 40gbe NIC

    A few weeks ago, I attempted to connect a 40gbe ConnectX-3 Pro NIC to an ICX6610 40gbe breakout port with a QSFP DAC. The port connected but only one link at 10gb. Moving to one of the 40gbe nonbreakout port linked at 40gb. Is there a QSFP NIC that will see all 4x10gb ports and allow me to bond...
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    eBay - $46 each, QSFP-40GBASE-LR4

    These transceivers require single mode duplex fiber connections with LC connections. I bought 4 to stack my Brocade ICX6610s on opposite sites of the house. Equivalents to these are $280 each on
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    ICX6610-24P SFP cage repair

    I posted similar on r/homelab, so same story. I bought an ICX6610-24P on eBay. It arrived with one of the SFP+ cage quads pushed in. Its separated from the mainboard. The seller took care of me, full refund, keep the switch. But now I have an otherwise useful switch sitting here with what...
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    1U UPSes and a POE injector

    Update: All networking is gone except for the POE injector. Price drop on UPSes. Added replacement battery links. Added another UPS. Update: I've sold a few things and have others for sale. Also, make some offers. Buy my stuff. Hi all, I've accumulated a pile of switches and UPSes in the past...
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    used ServeRAID M5015 (LSI rebadge)

    I have a used IBM ServeRAID M5015 card. The product label is 46M0851. It has an IBM 43W4342 battery backup unit mounted to the card and a tall bracket. This is an 8 port SAS2 RAID card that is almost identical to an LSI 9260-8i. After buying it used, I've been using it for over 2 years without a...
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    Survey: Pulling cable at home

    How many people here own their own home and pulled Cat 5e/6? Seems like most are looking at wireless. I can't be the only one who braved the attic with a drill and fiberglass rods and hunted a chase to the basement. I ran 10 drops upstairs - we have 4 bedrooms plus a loft and two locations...
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    FS: Intel RES2SV240NC SAS Expander

    Intel RES2SV240NC SAS Expander w/o cables or brackets, $130, shipped Just realized this expander is $205 at Provantage. Lowering the price... :)