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    100G Ethernet becoming affordable?

    Wow, that's a pretty good deal! As far as the differences I'm pretty sure connectx5 has lower latency. AFAIK they were a big change is storage networks. I'm old, I remember when 4Mbps token ring with a MAU was the stuff.....
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    Fiber pull to detached

    In the trade we call the "glop in the middle" you are talking about "icky-pick". Most fiber we run is dielectric. Dielectric fiber is cheaper, lighter and more flexible. I really, really like for pre-terminated whips. They have just about every option for fiber including...
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    Another Intel Fake?

    Don't "your tangent was completely unessary, it wasn't the discussion at hand" me. There is no need to be rude. You very clearly stated that "if someone else is paying for it" you would "upgrade from pci-x or PCI". I simply pointed out that if it's a machine that runs 24/7 there potentially...
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    Another Intel Fake?

    You were referring to someone else paying for an architecture upgrade. I was referring to the fact that any system with PCI-X is most likely pulling 275W+ from the wall at idle. Modern systems will pull as little as 50W-75W at idle and have the same performance. That's about $20/mo savings...
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    Another Intel Fake?

    If it's on 24/7 your power bill will....
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    Big Pfsende firewall

    I am interpreting a "big wireless network" as a WISP. If that's the case you should be designing your network so that each router handles 1-2Gbit of throughput at most. Realistically, unless you own or rent a lot of dark fiber going back to one central point you will only have 2-3 "backhaul"...
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    New Product: Mikrotik Routerboard CSS326-24G-2S+RM

    Another update on SFP compatibility! I stuck in a FiberStore "Generic 1Gb 10km BiDi SFP" (single-strand singlemode fiber link to the pole barn) and it works great. I really like how it lists the TX and RX power in the specs too. Lots of cheap switches leave that out. The specs even match my...
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    New Product: Mikrotik Routerboard CSS326-24G-2S+RM

    Well I just received 3 of these to replace my 2x LB4M switches. Happy to confirm that these CSS switches work fine with "Generic" FiberStore SFP+ DAC's and 10Gb-SR SFP+ modules. I also got them because they are fanless and low power. I just got a WD pr4100 NAS (and filled it with 4x HGST...
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    Best NIC for Router

    Chelsio T520-SO-CR Chelsio T520-SO-CR Dual-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter SFP+ No issues at all with pfSense and it'll do 10Gb symmetrical all day.
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    Massive firewall thoughts?

    pfSense or Sophos UTM on a xeon e3 or better should get you close. At home I wouldnt expect you to have more than 10-15 clients pulling requests at a time. It's not like it is a 1000 user network. I personally use a J1900 box with pfSense running pfBlockerNG and suricata while loaf balancing a...
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    iSCSi transport for production SAN storage

    Well to each their own. We manage 1500 servers with 60,000 VM's with everything from virtual desktops to OTT content. FCoE and FC is really simple for us because it's configured on the target side instead of the client side. With our setup this is easier because there's no IP to enter for the...
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    iSCSi transport for production SAN storage

    In a production environment FCoE is much easier to manage than iSCSI. ESXi handles FCoE better too. Typically I get far lower latency on FC or FCoE because of the hardware offloading handled by the card. FC and FCoE also bring virtual adapters to the table. Giving a VM "Direct" access to a...
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    Intel Optane or S3700 for ZFS ZIL/SLOG?

    Optane is designed to be read cache and performs as such. The write speed isn't exceptional but it's good for the price. The latency is nice and low. Overall I don't think it would be a bad SLOG for a basic lab. I personally will wait until Intel launches the "Optane SSD". That has the...
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    Need pfSense Low Power Build Advice

    Just to remind everyone, with the current OpenVPN build (on pfSense) AES-NI does next to nothing. AES-NI on pfSense really only applies to IPSEC currently.
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    RAM suggestion for SM Pfsense server

    For your use case if the motherboard supports ECC I would use it. When consolidating systems it's better to err on the side of caution because you are dealing with one set of hardware supporting multiple VM's. One hardware failure and the entire machine is down.
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    Need pfSense Low Power Build Advice

    Honestly, if the pfSense (Netgate) SG-2220 doesn't fit your needs the SG-2440 is an awesome solution. Don't get me wrong, I love building my own setups but for the ease of setup, warranty and support the 2440 is hard to beat. Did I mention it has no moving parts? There is something to be said...
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    Fiber without a Switch?

    If possible run ESXi on both servers and Use the pre built napp-it VM and ComStar to set up The driver in target mode. You'll have to pass thru the FC Adapter And the HBA to the VM. If the storage server does not support pass thru then run a suggested Solaris based is and install napp-it...
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    New Product: Mikrotik Routerboard CSS326-24G-2S+RM

    Well I noticed this on the site today: : CSS326-24G-2S+RM Great price for a basic L2 24 port GigE + 2x 10Gb SFP+ switch that'll handle simple functions. If you aren't doing any L3 or LACP this should be a great low power option. I use their RB260GS (also runs...
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    Home Consumer Wireless router that supports Site-to-Site OpenVPN?

    pfSense sg-1000 for $150 Netgate SG-1000 microFirewall Routerboard HAP AC lite $42 MikroTik&nbspRB952Ui-5ac2nD-US - 2.4/5GHz hAP ac lite 802.11ac 2x2 US pfSense for the site to site VPN and hap AC lite for the wifi. If you need more coverage you can order more than one wap and set one up as...
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    Fiber bend radius

    I 3rd the bend insensitive fiber. I use it just about every day and stuff like that lasts a very long time.