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    DIY Server Rack Build Log

    Hello Everyone! For some time now i have been wanting to downsize my home server rack. (Full size 42U). I don't need the space and want something that will fit in my basement. The 42u won't fit and is in my garage currently. However, i couldn't find any 24u full depth racks locally and i...
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    Qlogic QLE3142/Netxen NX3-20G Nic Issues

    Hello All, New here so i think this is the right location for this post. I have a Dell 2950 running ESXi 5.5 and a custom built server running Freenas 9.10. I recently purchased 2 Qlogic QLE3142/NetXen NX3-20G 10gbe nics off ebay to setup a 10gb link between the 2 servers. I installed the...