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    FS: 2013 Mac Pro, 8x3tb NAS Hard drives

    Howdy folks. Helping my dad decommission a lot of hardware. LPU in Nashville area. 2013 Mac Pro "Trashcan" 12 core Xeon, 64gb memory, 500gb storage, D300 GPU. $900 shipped. HDDs: 3TB WD Red WDC WD30EFRX (6 available) 3TB Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 (2 available) WD drives are *NOT* SMR, and...
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    Anyone getting back in lately?

    Now that BTC has taken out its all time highs in the last few months, has anyone been getting back into the mining game?
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    [US-TN] "FrankenNAS" - HP Z420 ZFS BYOD kit, 8x3tb HDDs

    So this is a bit of a DIY project that I'm no longer using. Started with an HP Z420 Workstation computer, took it out of the (quite limited) OEM chassis, and mounted it into an Antec P100 case. Makes a great ZFS box with an 8 drive RAIDZ2 array. I don't know if the motherboard supports V2...
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    Tiny PC -HP ProDesk 600 g2

    Been watching this space since the article came out a few days ago. This one is the best price I've seen that has the sought after 6500T CPU. No relationship with the seller other than I just bought 3 to start up a kubernetes cluster.
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    I'm on the hunt for 16GB total memory in a new to me E3 platform. Either 4x4gb or 2x8gb. I'd prefer 2x8. There's options on ebay I know (~$90 for 2x8), but I thought I'd check with you guys first for a mutually better deal...
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    FreeBSD ZFS migrating to ZoL (ZoF)

    Heard about this on the reddit Datahoarder thread; just in case you guys haven't heard I thought I'd post it here. FreeBSD plans to rebase its ZFS implementation on ZoL (ZFS-on-Linux) : linux TL;DR: FreeBSD ZFS implementation is based on Illumos OpenZFS which is no longer maintained, so...
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    10% Ebay Bucks - Valid thru 12/27

    Just got the notification. Usual rules ($50/item, $100 max per transaction, $500 max total).
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    Proxmox NVIDIA GPU passthrough

    I've been beating my head against the wall trying to get this to work for quite a while... I finally found success with this guide: Building a 2U AMD Ryzen server (Proxmox GPU Passthrough / OBS or Xsplit in VM) - Intermittent Technology Note that the IOMMU settings are different if you're...
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    FS: 1050 Ti, 2.5" HDDs & SSDs

    For Sale: Memory: 3x 2gb 10600R DDR3 RDIMMs 1x 4gb 10600R DDR3 RDIMM $15 for all 4 sticks. Mostly just trying to clean out the parts bin. GPU: EVGA 1050 Ti - SOLD ASUS 1060 6GB - $150 shipped. HDDs: 500GB WD Black 2.5" 7200rpm - $20 1TB Seagate ST1000LM024 2.5" 5400 - $30 Seagate...
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    Pics to follow when I get home, but I figured I should just go ahead and post this. $1500 shipped. Dell Precision 7510, Onsite warranty active until June 2019 (I'll provide service tag upon payment). 15.6" 4K display - Fantastic colors! Xeon E3-1535M CPU Nvidia Quadro M1000M GPU - Solid...
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    Ebay officially treats sellers like dirt.

    So I sold an X9SRL-F on Ebay, shipped it to buyer like a good little ebayer... All is well until the buyer claims that the motherboard is defective (hangs at POST with code B7, memory problem) and he "isolated the problem" to a certain memory slot. I've had an similar issue before and...
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    Cambridge Analytica (trigger warning)

    I find it "funny" (as in smelly/fishy, not haha funny) that it's this HUGE deal when Trump used a big data firm to help win the election. Guess what? He wasn't even the first!!! What’s genius for Obama is scandal when it comes to Trump End facts, begin opinion: Nope, this is just the...
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    ASUS Z9PA-D8, 2667v2 (QS)

    Unicorn for sale! Dual 2011 v1/v2 in ATX form factor. Includes PIKE-2008 card (flashed to IT mode) allowing all 14(!) onboard SATA ports to be active. Also includes 2x Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo coolers. $SOLD. Also have 1 E5-2667v2 QS processor available. $225 shipped.
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    PCIe Risers

    So I'm considering making the jump from crypto stuff into deep learning. Since I already have gear optimized for mining it seems like a sensible thing to do, plus I'm interested in some really neat projects using deep learning: algo trading, self driving cars, and even machine writing. A...
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    AMD Raven Ridge (Ryzen + Vega)

    So I heard about the new Ryzen 5-2400G with integrated Vega graphics and my ears perked up. Apparently someone already has one and posted results on Reddit... AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Mining Performance with NiceHash and XMR-STAK - Legit Reviews TL;DR: 270H/s with overclock, though at 68w system...
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    FS:S3500 SSDs, 3/4tb HDDs -- BLOWOUT SALE!!

    I just recently finished shrinking my storage needs and am decommissioning this fully populated server. Supermicro X9SRL-F motherboard Xeon E5-2667 v2 QS CPU Supermicro SNK-P0050AP4 4u active heatsink SOLD. 8x Samsung M393B2G70BH0-YK0 16gb DDR3 1600 RDIMMs (128gb total) SOLD. Storage: 2x...
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    So for some reason I'm not getting the 2FA codes that are supposed to go to my phone. I tried emailing their support (yesterday) but no response yet. Anyone else having this issue?
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    *FOUND* 24x DDR3 RDIMMs

    Per title, looking for 24 sticks of RDIMMs. Preferably 1333 speed (10600) or better and at least 2gb/stick. Is $2.5/GB + shipping a fair price for this?
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    PowerColor RX Vega 64 -- SOLD

    Hello folks, Selling a pretty new Vega; I bought it brand new in mid-December for $750. This one has led an easy life so far; I prefer to hash a little slower (~1600h/s) so I can run the fans slow and quiet since this lived in the same room that I sleep in. HBM kept below 70C. I'm...
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    Lenovo 1100w PSU

    Probably mostly of interest to the miners among us... IBM Lenovo Thinkstation 1120W Server Power Supply 36200310 | eBay A bunch of listings like these. I had to search a bit to find out what it comes with (I forget where too), but it is standard 24 pin motherboard header, 2x CPU headers...