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    Seagate XS7680SE70094 - IBM Part

    Hello everyone. I picked up one of these drives off Ebay and I can't seem to get it recognized by my SAS controller (LSI 3008 onboard controller on a Supermicro MB). During POST (while the controller scans the bus), the drive doesn't show up. Other SAS and SATA drives show up fine, including...
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    WD 2TB M.2 SATA and Proliant X170R Gen 10

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to install a couple of these SATA SSDs into the built in M.2 riser on a Proliant X170R node for an ESXi datastore. It works and is recognized, but after a few minutes of operation, iLO5 reports that sensor 60 (AHCI HD) reports a high temp situation and the server shuts...
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    Recommend a vSAN all flash cache drive?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for four vSAN cache drives for my cluster but I'm having trouble finding something affordable. Optane p4801x is too expensive. I have 4 nodes with 6 SATA SSDs (Samsung 960 Gig) each. I'm looking to run ESXi 7.0u2 or higher. Its doesn't have to certified as this is...
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    HP 874491-001 Apollo R2600 Gen10 Barebones Chassis SFF W/ 4x Fans - $175

    Here's the link: *New* HP 874491-001 Apollo R2600 Gen10 Barebones Chassis SFF W/ 4x Fans Anyone familiar with these Apollo chassis? I can't find any details on 874491-001, but it looks like 867158-B21 - HPE Apollo r2600 24SFF-Prem Gen10 CTO Chassis. Next closest seller is in the $600 range...
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    Hyper-V w/Failover cluster

    Hey everyone. I have a two node Hyper-V cluster w/Failover clustering and S2D (2 way mirror for the storage) and I was trying some of the HA features. I have 10 Windows 10 VMs split across the two machines. When I simulate a hard failover (unplug the server), the 5 affected VMs go to an...
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    No longer available

    No longer available.
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    HPe D3700 Enclosure question

    Hi everyone. I got a branch office with a few Proliant Gen8 servers and two of them need some extra storage. Unfortunately, they are both maxxed out with 25 physical disks. Local tech contacted HPe for a solution and the salesguy says an HPe D3700 can be hooked up to both servers (with a...
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    FS: Intel Xeon E5-2687Wv3 (SR1Y6) - used

    4 total, $900/each, plus actual Fedex shipping and insurance. Shipping from zipcode 11423. All are working pulls from a server upgrade. They came out of HP DL360G9 servers but do not include the blue sled -- just the bare processor.
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    Simplivity @ home!

    So we just got some of those HPE Simplivity nodes here and they are pretty cool. This is my first foray into a hyperconverged solution. I see there are quite a few Omnicube accelerator cards up on eBay. I know that before HPE acquired Simplivity, they had solutions for HP, Dell and Lenovo...
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    E-ATX Quad E5-46xxV3 motherboard?

    So I got my hands on four E5-4627V3 processors but I don't have anything to put them in. Since my current desktop is a bit dated, I was thinking of using these. The case is a Corsair Obsidian 800D which can accommodate an E-ATX motherboard. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any E-ATX...
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    CPU only mining

    So I have an E5-2699V3 (18 Cores, 2.3GHz, 45MB Cache) processor that had one of the components on the underside pop off due to a tumble it took. Fortunately, I was able to resolder it back on (kinda ugly) and it ran Prime95 and Memtest over the majority of last week with no issues. I only have...
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    [SOLD] FS: Used Intel E5-2699V3 (SR1XD) for sale

    Hi everyone. I have two of these for sale. They are in great shape and were working in Supermicro machines in a climate controlled datacenter when they were pulled. Looking for $2000/each which includes Fedex insured shipping to the US only.
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    Mellanox LP bracket for dual QSFP cards

    Hi everyone. I need some low profile brackets for my dual port QSFP Mellanox VPI cards. I can trade full height brackets if anyone is interested in a swap. PM me...
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    Dual displayport KVM

    Anyone know of one that can do 4k@60Hz on both displays? 4 computers would be ideal. Switching audio would be a plus as well.
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    vSAN 5.5 - Disk group question

    Hi everyone. I'm doing some experimenting with vSAN / ESXi 5.5 U2 on a Dell C6100. I have three nodes with one SSD and two 4 TB hard drives each. When I look at my vSAN datastore, it shows three SSDs and four 4TB hard drives in the disk group. I know there is a limit of 7 disks in a disk...
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    Crucial M500 Series 480GB SSD Solid State Drive 2.5" Form Factor, SATA III $165 FS AC @ TigerDirect

    Saw this on Slickdeals: Crucial M500 Series 480GB SSD Solid State Drive 2.5" Form Factor, SATA III $165 FS AC @ TigerDirect Crucial M500 Series 480GB SSD - 2.5" Form Factor, SATA III, Encryption Technology, Advanced Controller Technology...
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    VMWare and vSAN licenses

    For those of you who are running a home ESXi cluster at home or lab, how did you license your setup? For years, I've had a Technet subscription (yes I know it's being phased out) so I would have a license to install server OSes, System Center VMM, etc for running a full blown Hyper-V setup for...
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    Crucial M4 2.5" MLC SSD (Recertified): 512GB $150, 256GB $80, 128GB $50 + Free Shipping

    Saw this over on They aren't the fastest SSDs on the market but the two that I bought new awhile ago have never given me an issue. Crucial M4 2.5" MLC SSD (Recertified): 512GB $150, 256GB $80, 128GB $50 + Free Shipping - Deals, Coupons and Promos
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    LSI 9261: RAID 1 -> RAID 5 or RAID 10?

    Hi everyone. I have a RAID 1 array set up using a LSI 9261. Is it possible to RAID migrate this array to RAID 5 or RAID 10? I would be adding 2 additional drives of the exact same make & model. Unfortunately I don't have much experience with this particular model controller so I'm hoping...
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    Smbios guid

    Hi everyone. I'm installing Windows Server 2012 on my Dell C6100 and I have a problem when adding the nodes to System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1. The process errors out stating the nodes do not have a unique SMBIOS GUID. I have flashed my nodes with the latest BIOS and BMC...