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    LAG (20Gbe) Intel X550-T2 Performance issue

    Hi All, I have two Intel X550-T2 Intel Ethernet network cards RJ45 in LAG (20GBe) config but the performance seems quite slow compared to what it should be. I have the following Hardware Qnap (8 bay) - i7 / 16gb ram / Raid 5 / intel X550-T2 RJ45 (LAG) -> Unifi XG-6poe (10GBE) -> Windows 10...
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    Move to Vmware Workstation from Esxi?

    Hi All, Currently I have two PC's one my main PC I use for daily use and video encoding and a second one i have Esxi installed and is purely for learning and testing hence why its is hardly switched on. Main PC (Micro ATX case) Gigabyte Sniper G1 M3 - Z77 Motherboard i7 3770K 32GB Trident X...