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  1. nero243

    Overclock your AMD Epyc

    I've been getting alot of PM's asking how to OC an AMD Epyc. All you need to do is write the OC to the CPU MSR. As a reliable tool (for windows) for this i modded AsusZenStates to run on non Asus boards, you can download it here: ZenStatesAll(2) The sourcecode for AsusZenStates was made public...
  2. nero243

    Does an Amd epyc 7xxx run with unregistered RAM?

    I bought a supermicro h11ssl-i and an Epyc Es. I planned to get a retail 7401 first after seeing a lot of them new on Amazon for ~600€, but of course that price was to good to be true, it's just some messup on Amazons side and they misslabled the 7251s. But back to the topic, registered ddr4...