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    VDI ESXi host CPUs Xeon Gold 6130 vs Gold 5115 (both dual)

    Which one would be best for the VDI VMs ESXi host? 5115 has a higher base frequency at 2.4 GHz 2x 10C, but 6130 is lower at 2.1 GHz, but 2x 16C Not asking for alternatives, I have both and need to decide which one of these two (only) should I keep? Assume I care more for individual VDI...
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    Dell laptop tech support experience or Dell Business Warranty Service is Now a Clown Car

    Thought this sad story may be helpful to someone looking to invest in Dell hardware.
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    Looking for a second opinion

    Current situation: Storage: DIY Whitebox Freenas with 6x 2TB internal drives and x12 2TB in External SAS DAS - used only for media storage. Compute - 3x old HP workstations (i7-2600/32gb/10gig/4x cheap 250gb SSDs) running vSAN. Problems: a) Drives are ancient, especially WD RE4 Blacks in the DAS...
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    Nvidia/Youtube HDR Rant

    Last year I shell out for a nice pair of 2k 27monitors that support HDR, a bit before that GTX 1070ti - at $450 I wasn't cheap, but at current insane prices doesn't seem all that expensive. Short story, I figured I have a bit of time to play with Windows HDR mode, got it set up nice and pretty...
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    Qnap TVS-872N Question

    I've posted this question on QNAP community, but so far no answers whatsoever. Maybe some current QNAP NAS owners could chime in : TVS-872N runs on i3-8100T (coffee lake) which supports quicksync. I plan to run Plex server with hardware encoding enabled using it. I am also looking to move my...
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    zfs ashift question

    So my Freenas has two pools. One with 6 drives(2 x z1 vdevs with 3 drives each) (512e/4k physical) and one with 12x WD 2TB RE4 drives which are 512 physical. (all of 12 drives in a single z2 vdev - not ideal, but the idea was to maximize capacity) [smartctl -a /dev/adaX] Due to lack of...
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    Time to replace my DIY Freenas

    Last Friday it gave me a heart attack then my old DIY Freenas box(based on Gigabyte board and I3-3220T) refused to complete the boot, was stuck at AMI logo. Turns out bad USB device/port. since fixed. I have Poweredge R200 II around which I could use, but: a) it currently has only 8GB ram and...
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    Apple's M1 CPU single core performance (nearly?) beating Zen3 :-O Mind blown
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    RDMA(RoCE v2) with Nutanix 7-8 nodes Cluster

    Hello, I am seeking advice or consensus if we should try to engineer our Nutanix cluster with RDMA. It stands now the nodes are fairly beefy: Each node is 2x 6226R and 1.5TB ram each,12x3.84TB SAS12 SSDs (no NVME drives). The load is a mixed server load, various biz apps, SQL databases, some...
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    Plex Pass Lifetime May the Fourth 24h Sale [Normally $120]

    Sauce: A Reminder: The other way of getting the same at $79.99 is subscribing to Plex newsletter and waiting (could be months) Some of Plex Pass benefits include LiveTV DVR, offline viewing, no cost of Plex clients, and Hardware support for transcoding videos (Intel QuickSync and Nvidia NVENC)
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    Decent deal on used 1500VA UPS [2nd Batch]

    I have APC SUA750 at home which is running out of juice to power all of my homelab (had to bypass few things for now). Was looking for a replacement to be good, cheap and with more power. After a search I found these guys: Used / Tested HP1500 G4 Hewlett Packard UPS 1500VA UPS | eBay These are...
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    VMWare NSX - I've some basic design questions

    We use Cisco OTV to stretch layer2 from NY to NJ datacenters. Possibly looking to replace OTV with NSX/VxLAN. So VxLAN is the main desired feature at the moment. a) I assume NSX Standard edition should be sufficient? b) we have a dedicated ESXi cluster for Dev/Test/UAT machines that don't...
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    Desktop PC won't boot with HP NC552SFP/Emulex OCE11102 dual 10gbe nic

    The desktop is HP 8200 Elite tower with latest bios/firmware. NICS pulled from working servers. I've tried a couple in HP's PCIe x16 slot as well as another physical x16, electric x4. In both cases, I get a blank screen and all fans spin up to the max speed in 20-30seconds after power on. Same...
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    Looking for Optimum online modem replacement suggestions

    Starting in 2019, unfortunately, Optimum/Altice joined the shady practice of charging modem fees for ALL customers. I've bought the MOTOROLA 24x8 Cable Modem, Model MB7621, but it's been complete shite. The issue is my cable service has a decent amount of T3 Timeouts, but where's company...
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    Need help to decide on budget storage expansion

    Hello. My current home NAS situation consists of a single sata 6x 2TB drives freenas box using onboard SATA controller. it has unused pci-e 16 (full speed) slot. the board is gigabyte H77 so it's pci-e gen3. there are few other pci-e slots, x1 is used for nic. Now I've recently got my hands on...